It's no secret that Donald Trump has been at odds with the majority of the mainstream media over the last two years, and it doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. After calling out NBC News due to a recent report that reflected negatively on his administration, Trump went back to Twitter to send a warning to the American People.

Trump on NBC News

When Donald Trump announced his campaign for president back in the summer of 2015, he did so by insulting illegal immigrants from Mexico by referring to them as "rapists" and "murderers." As expected, the media didn't react favorably to the former host of "The Apprentice" and the seed of their feud was planted.

The two sides have had bad blood ever since, which has only increased since Trump was sworn into office last January. Trump's top target has been CNN and the New York Times, as he's even given the newspaper the nickname of "failing." However, it was earlier this week when the president went on the attack against NBC News after the network reported that Trump wanted to increase the United States' nuclear arsenal. Trump quickly dismissed the report as "fake news," before piling on the network and questioning their journalistic license. As seen on his Twitter feed on October 12, Trump wasn't done with his criticism.

Taking to his Twitter account on Thursday night, Donald Trump doubled down on his attack against NBC News.

"People are just now starting to find out how dishonest and disgusting (FakeNews) @NBCNews is," Trump tweeted, before warning the American people, "Viewers beware." Not stopping there, the commander in chief went concluded his tweet by adding, "May be worse than even @CNN!"

Donald Trump has never been one to hold back his thoughts on a variety of issues, with his feelings on the media being at the top of hit list.

Despite the majority of the news media providing credible sources to back up their information, Trump and the White House continue to deny the allegations regardless of the evidence that is presented.

Next up

As Donald Trump and the mainstream media move forward with their war of words, the billionaire real estate mogul has many other issues to worry about in his administration.

As questions still surround the future of health care and tax reform, foreign policy issues also linger, with tension between the United States and North Korea being one of the hottest topics in Washington. While the president claims to be in good standing with voters, his most recent approval rating is still below 40 percent.