Melania Trump and Ivana Trump are locked in a feud after President Donald Trump's first ex-wife thought she'd make snarky comments that would inevitably spark some type of reaction. Ivana is busy promoting her new book just released, Raising Trump, and the topic of Melania has come up quite a bit during interviews. It all began when she referred to herself as the "real first lady," not Melania. She also said she refrains from calling Donald too much so she won't make Melania "jealous."

Ivana allegedly wants to hurt Melania's reputation

Ivana's comments were met with a statement from the White House on behalf of Melania Trump.

The first lady's spokesperson responded by saying Ivana is seeking attention and is creating "self-serving noise" in her efforts to promote her memoir. A dig at Ivana was put in the statement when the spokesperson added that Mrs. Trump is using her role to help children, not market books.

According to a source talking to Radar Online, Ivana Trump isn't happy about the "harsh" statement and is threatening to "blacklist" Melania in New York society. The insider claims that Ivana rang up the White House, got her ex-husband on the phone, and "screamed" at Donald "demanding" Melania apologize.

She wants an official apology from the White House for Melania "overreacting" to her first lady remarks, which she says she intended as merely a joke.

Did Melania 'overreact?'

Perhaps the way President Trump feels about the media and all the gossip about his family going on has affected Melania Trump, too. Ivana used the media to her advantage to make statements that would surely get to Melania.

It's definitely strange that Mrs. Trump would react so strongly given her public image. Why didn't she just shrug off what Ivana said instead of making a public spectacle out of it? It could be that this part of existing in Washington, D.C. is still something she's adapting to. It's safe to assume that she's not too thrilled about Donald's first wife writing a book about her life story as a Trump and making jokes out of everything.

Melania's accent

Ivana was asked by "Fox & Friends" about a report claiming she criticized Melania's accent, saying she "couldn't speak." Ivana denied the report's claims, pushing back that she never said that and texted Melania about the incident. She wrote to the former model that she feels she's family and wouldn't do anything to make her look bad. Ivana shared that her grown children like Melania as well.

If anyone ever wondered if these two women had a half-decent relationship, the answer to that question came this week. The president hasn't acknowledged the situation whatsoever, leaving it to both of them to hash it out. Will the feud between Ivana Trump and Melania Trump continue or will it fade out?