On Tuesday, First Daughter Ivanka Trump spoke to members of the military in regards to the challenges many spouses face in the work place when they leave the service. After Ivanka tweeted about her meeting, many critics of the president were quick to speak out.

Ivanka on Twitter

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, he did so with a few talking points that were repeated for the life of his candidacy and into his presidency. One of those talking points was Trump's apparent love of the United States military and veterans, which he made sure to speak about on a routine basis during his rallies.

Since defeating Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton during last November's election, the former host of "The Apprentice" has promised to be "great" for service men and women, as well as veterans when they leave the military. Despite this, Trump's approval rating has dropped to 35 percent as he struggles to keep the promises he made during the campaign. In addition to his own words, Trump has used members of his family and administration to keep his message going, which was seen when Ivanka Trump and Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway addressed a group of military members and their families on Tuesday. As seen on her Twitter account on October 3, Ivanka made sure to highlight the meeting.

Taking to her Twitter account on Tuesday night, Ivanka Trump promoted her meeting with military families with Kellyanne Conway by her side.

"Today @KellyannePolls & I were @camp_lejeune to discuss the unique employment challenges faced by military spouses," Ivanka tweeted out.

"This Administration is deeply committed to those who serve & their families who make it possible through their love and support," Ivanka Trump went on to post.

"We appreciate the feedback we received today on how we can better serve our military families & enable them to thrive," she added in her final tweet on the matter.

Twitter reacts

In response to Ivanka Trump's meeting with members of the military and their families, those who oppose Donald Trump wasted no time lashing out. "Two people who have no business in politics," Daniel Danger Marin tweeted out.

"As a military spouse I couldn’t imagine how either of your experiences would be beneficial or insightful for us," one tweet read. "Do you really need to post a video of their applause? Stop using military spouses to in an attempt to promote your brand," a Twitter user wrote.

"None of you give a crap about other women! Let alone the military!" an additional tweet noted. "What expertise do u or Kellyanne have on this matter? So far u have shown no ability to sway your father on issues, so what value do u add?" another user asked. The negative reaction continued to pour in as critics of Donald Trump have shown they have no trust in Ivanka Trump or Kellyanne Conway.