With Donald Trump approaching his milestone 100th day as President of the United States, he's made decisions that have often not gone over well with the American people. As many are celebrating Earth Day, Trump was quickly mocked and trolled after sending out his own tweet on the matter.

Trump on Twitter

During the 2016 presidential election, it was clear that Donald Trump was going to follow the Republican party line when it came to many issues. While the former host of "The Apprentice" attempted to brand himself as a Washington outsider, he was in lockstep with most other conservatives when it came to issues dealing with science and the environment.

Back in 2012, Trump infamously tweeted out that global warming was nothing more than a hoax made up by China to control the market. Since pulling off his upset win over Hillary Clinton on Election Day, Trump has made moves that have resulted in backlash from the American people, especially those who stand by scientific research and evidence. One of the most criticized moves made by Trump in this area was nominating Scott Pruitt to serve as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, who has a history of actually taking action against the EPA. After Trump sent out an Earth Day message on Twitter on April 22, he was quickly hit with heavy backlash in return.

Taking to his official Twitter account on Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted out a positive message about Earth Day.

"Today on Earth Day, we celebrate our beautiful forests, lakes and land. We stand committed to preserving the natural beauty of our nation," Trump tweeted out. In response, the president didn't get the reaction he was likely hoping for.

"By preserve the natural beauty of our nation you mean sell our national parks to the wealthy & corporations?

#TranslateTrump," entrepreneur William LeGate wrote on his Twitter account. "If you could, you would transform every inch of nature into a Trump golf course. You have no love or admiration for nature," verified user Rolan Scahill tweeted out.

"If you want to preserve 'the natural beauty of our nation,' then why do you want to slash the EPA’s budget by 31 percent?" journalist Simon Hedlin wondered on Twitter.

Author Joe Papp wasn't impressed with Donald Trump's message, referring to the president as "full of sh*t," before tweeting, "I can't think of a less sincere tweet from you, Sir."

Moving forward

As the backlash comes pouring in, Donald Trump is not likely to walk-back any of his policies, as he's gone on to label any negative reporting of his administration as "fake news." Despite the evidence to contradict what the Trump administration is promoting, it appears that the battle over the issue is far from over.