Days after reports were circulation of California's devastating wildfires, President trump finally made a statement about them saying that the devastation was, "like we've never seen." Last Monday, the President said that they mourned the terrible loss of life and that it was "sad to watch" the speed of the wildfires and the people who were caught in their houses.

Reasons to 'snub' California, examples from other disasters

The President made his statements during a press conference in the Rose Garden, rather than tweeting about them, which many have come to expect.

For a President who is inconsistent with wanting to carry on the tradition of a presidency, many have come to expect Trump to make his statements about headline issues via Twitter. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle expected the President to take to Twitter when the media outlet's editorial board opined that the President couldn't care less about California.

The Chronicle's editors suggested Trump did not tweet about the wildfires because California didn't vote for him. The reason? California is mostly a Democratic state and Trump has already shown that he has no qualms about making enemies of the leftist party for not supporting him. During the press conference, Trump said that FEMA workers were on the ground and helping.

But Trump's slow response to the devastation that was left behind by raging wildfires continues a pattern of snubs against other areas that have also been in ruin by natural disasters. It wasn't until last Wednesday that Trump finally tweeted something about the disaster.

Trump conveniently snubs California

With flooding from Hurricanes hitting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, the President responded with attacks via Twitter and on the ground as if he were catering to voters at a campaign rally.

The Chronicle said that at this point in his presidency, he should have learned what Americans expect from him, to "step forward with empathy." The Chronicle's "Editorial: California burns: Where's the President?" did, however, refer to Trump speaking with the governor of California Jerry Brown, last Tuesday.

It was reported that Trump said that the federal government stood with the people of California in their time of need.

But the editorial board said that this was simply not enough, pointing to the devastation. Their expectations were for Trump to visit the state, appreciate the efforts of first responders and to console the people of California. The main issue overall was that 40 people had lost their lives in the wildfires and that the President could not even bother to acknowledge them.

In fact, ABC News reported on Wednesday that it's unlikely that the President would be visiting California anytime soon. They too referred to the fact that the state was a Democratic stronghold. In fact, when the fires were burning, Trump was playing golf at one of his branded locations.