Police in Tampa, Florida are on the hunt for a suspected killer believed to be responsible for the death of three people in less than two weeks. The three victims were all killed in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, according to Fox News reports.

During a press conference on Friday, Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan said the three killings were most probably linked owing to the fact, that the murders occurred within a mile of each other, in the same neighborhood.

Other similarities were; all the victims were shot dead and were alone during the incident.

Police released a grainy video obtained from CCTV footage, showing a person they suspected could be the killer, and asked members of the community to come forward and help in identifying the person.

Possible serial killer

The latest and the third victim was identified by police as 20-year- old Anthony Naiboa, who was autistic and murdered on Thursday night.

According to Naiboa's family, he left work and took the bus home, but accidentally got off at the wrong stop in the Seminole Heights neighborhood, a short distance from home. Naiboa was shot dead as he walked back.

Police Chief Dugan said that during Naiboa's shooting, police on patrol heard the gunshot, and immediately started searching for where it had originated.

When the officers finally found Naiboa, he was already dead and there was no sign of the shooter.

On October 11, 32-year-old Monica Hoffa was found shot dead in a vacant lot in the same neighborhood.

On October 9, Benjamin Mitchell, 22, was shot dead at a bus-stop in the same area. Police believe he was the first victim in the series of murders.

Mitchell and Naiboa were gunned down 300 yards apart, while all three victims were killed within in a one-mile radius.

Taking a stand

On Friday, angry residents of Seminole Heights took to the streets and marched through the neighborhood in protest of the killings. They also visited the three sites where the victims were found, to place flowers and light candles.

One resident, Michelle Cookson, told Fox News the neighborhood was taking a stand against the killings, and would not allow anyone to terrorize them and force the residents to live in fear.

Police have cautioned residents against walking alone, especially at night, and also urged them to leave their porch and security lights on at night.

A reward of $25,000 was offered by Tampa Police for any information that could lead to the identification or arrest of the suspected killer, with the authorities also asking residents to remain vigilant.