The deployment of US troops in somalia to help curb the advances of Alshabab militants is timely. The deployment comes after almost two decades after the US government pulled out its forces from the troubled Somalia after the downing of the Black Hawk which killed eighteen US soldiers and wounded more than seventy others.

The fall of Siad Barre

The troubled Horn of African country has been without strong central government despite endless attempts by the African Union to forge a formidable government of national unity. Somali fell into disarray in 1991 after the ouster of the former strongman President Mohammed Siad Barre.

The country disintegrated into chaos as powerful clan leaders jostled for the control of the state. In 1993, the US deployed forces to help end bloodshed. The move was however rescinded after the downing of the black hawk.

The civil conflict in Somali has blocked progress toward improving the healthcare. Violent power struggles between clan factions have further prevented access for humanitarian relief with large sections of the population being left to deal with the devastating consequences. The Somali government has been unable to implement the rule of law. Cases of external aid been diverted by Alshabab militants is rampant.

The rise of Alshabab militias

Lack of proper military coordination by regional governments gave rise to Alshabab and other radical groups.

Alshabab militia group that has attempted to form a Sharia-based government at Mogadishu without success. The group has also conducted attacks in neighboring states. Kenya has borne the brunt of brutal attacks in which dozens of civilians have died. The group is also said to have been behind the bloody attack in Uganda in which 76 people were killed while watching a football match in July 2010.

After being elected President, Donald Trump approved the sale of military jets to the Kenyan government in a bid to combat terrorism in the region. The deployment of the US forces will thus energize the Kenyan and AMISOM forces which are fighting radical Islamic groups in the volatile Somalia. The US government should further provide intelligence information that will help ultimately route out Al-Shabaab militants.

Lack of proper intelligence information has resulted in the death of scores of Kenyan and AU soldiers.

Peace and election in Somalia

The deployment of the US troops will further help train and equip the Somali army. Enhanced peace in the region could be the initial step before Somalia can elect a legitimate government since 1991. The move will as well help end Somali's refugee crisis. Currently, thousands of Somalia refugees remain internally displaced or living in squalid conditions in makeshift camps in Kenya's Dadaab refugees’ camp