Nicole Rapp said that her mom Diana Litzenberg (52) used to go concerts ten times a year. She told the Los Angeles Times how her mom was active, always walking, cycling, exercising and was always so bubbly. But since the Las Vegas shooting on October 1, Rapp said that her mom was sad and afraid of everything. In fact, Nicole said her mom became a completely different person. Last week, the LA Times reported that Diana was one of the last of the survivors who remain at the hospital after the media buzz had died down, with police handing off their investigation to the FBI and TV crews leaving the area.

Mass-shooting victim traumatized by incident

According to the report, Litzenberg appeared to have flashbacks in recent weeks when her daughter took her to see the Stanley Cup in the Hospital's lobby. The crowd of fans reminded her of the crowds at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, and she started to cry. At another time, Diana's sister, Cathy Hopkins, was passing the time by tapping on a wall when she was told to stop because the sound reminded her of bullets.

Litzenberg is from Orange County, and she got the last weekend off in September to go to the festival to see her favorite opening band Big & Rich. She went to Palm Springs to visit a friend before they both drove to see the concert. When the shooting started, Diana ran for cover under some bleachers and apparently reached out to grab a woman who had been shot.

It was at this moment when a man ran into her face, knocking her down while a stampede of people ran over her.

According to a GoFundMe page that was started by Diana's niece, swelling in her spine caused her to lose her sense of feeling.


She woke up in the hospital the next day to find that she had lost all feeling on the left side of her body.

She got four hours a day of rehabilitation where she would drag her left foot behind her as a waistband held her up. She also used a walker during her physical therapy sessions. The report said that she used to binge watch hours of the Real Housewives reality series but apparently, her memory was blurry with many of the details when watching the show from her hospital bed.

It would appear that she had been burdened with nightmares of the shooting and fears that would cause her to break down in tears to be in a crowd again. But there were also positive signs of Litzenberg's improvement. After being in the hospital for two weeks, she's able to move the fingers in her hand again. Litzenberg cuddled a physical therapy dog that reminded her of her of dog Beijou back home.

At the time she's was required to describe the details of the shooting to her family in order to help her mind recover. Because she reportedly didn't have coverage, she faced medical expenses which led to the GoFundMe page. Three days ago, the page was updated to say that Diana had been released and was back home with Beijou and her family. As of the update, the family said they were looking to find physical therapists and local doctors to help her regain her strength.