Move over Jeremy Meeks – you now have competition. Mirella Ponce, 20, is a member of a California gang who was arrested Monday (Oct. 23) in Fresno after a routine traffic stop after police found a stolen firearm in her vehicle. Fresno Police posted her mugshot on their Facebook page and with her tattoos and striking good looks that image soon went viral. Now everyone wants to pay the new hot felon’s $100,000 bail.

Woman arrested on weapons charges

Fresno Police say Ponce was traveling with two other members of the Tiny Rascal Gang, along with her infant child, at the time of the traffic stop.

On searching her car, officers uncovered a lilac handgun (photo included above) which was fully loaded at the time. On checking out the weapon, police found that it was stolen, leading to Ponce facing charges relating to the possession of a stolen firearm and also carrying a concealed weapon. Officers reportedly also arrested another passenger in the vehicle on an unrelated charge. Ponce is now languishing in Fresno County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Mugshot goes viral on police Facebook page

The Fresno Police Department posted details of her arrest, along with her mugshot and an image of the stolen lilac handgun to their Facebook page, where the post instantly went viral. There were reportedly some 4,000 shares within two days – however, the post is no longer available on the social media platform, possibly due to an excess in responses.

In the mugshot, Ponce can be seen looking directly into the camera. Her tattoos can clearly be seen, with a red rose and another reading “Love is Pain.”

Men scramble to pay hot felon’s bail

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, comments were reportedly rife, including one man saying the only crime Ponce had committed was stealing his heart.

Another said he was going to bail her out and free the “hot gangster chick.” Another man asked how much the bail was, saying he was willing to pay it. As for the lilac handgun, that also drew commentary, with one person saying he didn’t know which was cuter, the hot felon or the gun. However one female Facebook user wasn’t a fan, saying the gangster was pretty, but she was in the wrong for “riding dirty” with her baby in the car.

As reported by the New York Post, the Tiny Rascal Gang predominantly consists of Cambodian-Americans and was formed in the 1980s. Police estimate the gang now has around 10,000 nationwide.

The first hot felon was named in 2014 when Jeremy Meeks, another Californian, was also arrested relating to firearms charges, but he was also jailed for grand theft. Since Meeks was released from jail in September 2016, his wife has divorced him after he was seen in the company of an heiress, Chloe Green, with whom he still appears to be in a relationship.