Brevard County has been affected by the strong rains which they experienced on Sunday 30 September. Accuweather reports that the weather system which drifted east of the northern Florida Peninsula brought heavy rains and thunderstorms. Communities which were greatly affected by Hurricane Irma once again became victims to the heavy rainfall which caused flooding and affecting roadways.

Meteorologists, on Accuweather, stated that there is little threat of this weather system developing into a tropical depression. These heavy rains drifting from the west will slow down cleanup efforts currently underway for residents affected by Hurricane Irma.

This system will bring rough surf and offshore squalls, so authorities are warning bathers and beachgoers to be cautious.

Effects of rainfall

With up to 10 inches of rain being experienced, homes were flooded, many which have still not recovered from Hurricane Irma reports Florida Today. There were persons trapped in their cars along the roadways from Palm Bay to Merritt Island. Rainfall and flooding were so bad some motorists were trapped in their vehicles and had to be rescued by Authorities.

There were reports of blocked drains which was caused by the debris from Hurricane Irma, which has not been collected. Florida Today stated that this debris became blockages in the waterways and may have caused the flash flooding and waterlogged roadways experienced by residents.

Residents were warned to be aware of possible flooding throughout the night. Some residents, authorities reported, attempted to brave the rains but ended up trapped in pools of water due to poor visual of passageways. The strong winds which accompanied the excessive rains can also mean an increase in coastal erosion which was battered by Hurricane Irma.

With noticeably high waterways, creeks and streams due to Hurricane Irma which, the runoff from this new weather system has added to increased water levels.

Areas affected by rainfall

Florida Today stated that authorities identified that the areas most affected include Sheridan Road in Melbourne where roads were flooded. Additionally, streets along University Boulevard and U.S.

1, also experienced Extreme flooding causing some residents to be stranded in their homes. Aurora Road in Melbourne, parts of Henry Avenue in West Melbourne were also affected by flooding. St. John River levels remain high and residents are warned to avoid this area due to water covering the roadways. Robin Hood Drive between Canterbury Lane and Kind Richard Road in Melbourne has been closed and signs have been provided to reroute traffic.


Some roadways remained closed due to high levels of rainfall. Parts of Wickham Road near Parkway Drive has remained closed. With roads being flooded, residents are cautioned to drive slowly. Residents were warned to pay attention to their use of sewer systems because of the extreme rains.

Authorities have been posting updates on roadways and flood warnings and residents are asked to stay away from affected areas. Pay attention to news bulletins and road signs as well as detour signs to ensure smooth traffic works can be completed as soon as possible. Wet roads and pools in active roadways are a risk, so pay attention when driving.