On Friday, two Russian lawmakers disclosed the information of North Korea's plans to test another long-range ballistic missile which could reach the West Coast of the US, Bloomberg reported.

Anton Morozov, an international affairs committee member of the Russian lower house of parliament and two other lawmakers from Russia visited North Korea on October 2 and returned on Friday. They said that North Korea gave them mathematical calculations which prove that the new missile could hit the U.S. West Coast, Reuters reported.

N. Korea prepare long-range missile

Morozov did not disclose the name of the North Korean official who gave him information about tests. He said that North Korean's mood was belligerent.

Morozov said in a telephonic interview that North Korea could conduct its new missile tests soon, but there is no specific information about it. He also said, "They told us that they’re preparing to test more powerful long-range missile." He added that the missile would pass over Russian territory to reach the United States, according to Bloomberg.

Morozov revealed that the range of the next missile could be around 7,456 miles. Kim's regime showed that they are ready for confrontation, he said. Reuters wrote that a US official had some indications that North Korea could possibly conduct another missile test on October 10, which is the Columbus Day holiday for the US, and Korean Workers Party founding day, for the DPRK.

The official, who asked to stay anonymous, did not provide any details of the type of missile that could be tested. He also noted that North Korea has not tested launches before, after threatening to, "despite indications that it could."

Putin's statement

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that President Donald Trump's threats to destroy the DPRK would lead to a “very dangerous dead end.”

In comparison with other nations, Russia has closer relations with North Korea.

These relations can be partially connected to the founder of the DPRK Kim Il Sung, who lived in the USSR for some time.

Although President Putin joined the world's decision to isolate the DPRK for its aggressive weapons program, Russia did not take a strong position against North Korea. According to Putin, the DPRK would not stop conducting its weapons program. He blamed the US for trying to influence change in North Korean and noted that such actions would lead to a total chaos.