The controversial Pennsylvania lawmaker Tim Murphy advocated against abortion. But, reportedly he had asked his married mistress to end her pregnancy. His mistress Shannon Edwards, a forensic psychologist, revealed the shocking information. And since the scandal broke, her husband had filed for divorce.

Tim Murphy’s staff described toxic office

Murphy will end his political career and will not seek re-election in 2018. However, he said, he will advocate for mental health care reform while still in office. The congressman will also work on issues affecting families in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Recently, Murphy's staff reported that they worked in a tension-filled office. Tim Murphy's chief of staff Susan Mosychuck, they said, also made their lives unbearable. The employees indicated that there was constant harassment, screaming, and long working hours.

Former employees stated that Murphy and Mosychuck devised impossible tasks with high expectations. They worked long extended hours and were not allowed to leave until they had completed the job.

Pro-life senator asked mistress to abort unborn child

The embattled congressman asked for privacy as the family worked through their difficulties. Reportedly, top Republicans had suggested that he should retire from the party. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette revealed the damning text sent to the congressman by his mistress.

According to the media house, the message stated that his pro-life stance has zero merits. In the text, his mistress revealed that he had asked her to abort their Unborn Child.

Can Democrats capture GOP vacant seat?

A Democratic consultant said Murphy's chance of winning re-election was impossible. But, he cautioned that it would not be easy for the Democrats to win the vacant seat.

However, Republican Steve Stivers is confident that Pennsylvania's PA-18 seat will remain with his party. Stivers said the GOP would represent Pennsylvania's conservative values in Congress.

Democrat Jason Altmire had lost his seat in 2012, because of partial redistricting in the region. Now, he is confident that the Democratic party has a very good chance of winning the vacant seat.

Additionally, Altmire added that it would not be an easy task for either the GOP or Democrats.

But he is adamant that if the Democratic party select a nominee with conservative social value, they could easily secure Murphy's vacant seat.