Police in Texas launched a search to find the family of a boy found dead on a Galveston beach. A 911-emergency call summoned detectives to a deceased child on Friday around 5.30 p.m. Texas authorities have asked the public for assistance because they are unable to ascertain the identity of the child. They are asking everyone to share a sketch of a three-to-five-year-old boy on all social media platforms. According to ABC News, someone spotted the body lying on the beach, officers retrieved the body, and launched an investigation to find the family of the youngster.

Law officials unable to identify body

Several searches based on the child's description returned no results in the police and US Coast Guard databases. The United States Customs and Border Protection, along with Child Protective Services searches were also futile. Investigators termed the mysterious case as “really unusual.”

Captain Joshua Schirard -- during a news conference on Sunday -- stated that bodies don’t usually wash up on beaches without a story behind it. The lead investigator also added that his team was working hard to determine what happened to the unidentified child. Law officials in Galveston ruled the death as a homicide, pending the autopsy report to determine the cause of death.

According to the captain, suspicious circumstances surround the child’s death, he added that the body was without clothes and had no signs of trauma. However, he stated that it was not unusual to find drowned victims without clothes as the waves on the Galveston beach were powerful enough to pull off said clothes.

Captain Schirard also stated that what makes the case more unusual is that after a 3-day search with several agencies, they were still unable to find any information about the young child.

Additionally, he said they are calling upon the citizens to help find the family of the youngster.

Forensic sketch uploaded to Facebook

Investigators reported that they discovered the boy’s body about 20 to 30 feet away from the shoreline, but they cannot ascertain if it was brought there by the waves.

The Galveston Police Department released a forensic sketch of the child’s face on Facebook.

The officers revealed that they are hoping the photo will go viral on all the major social media platforms. Since its upload, it received 21,000 shares, as well as heartfelt comments.

Facebook followers commented that the case was perturbing and painful. Also, one individual stated that it was unbelievable.