The man who was the first person to encounter the Las Vegas shooter finally emerged to narrate his ordeal during the massacre. Jesus Campos, a security guard, was working the night Stephen Paddock killed 58 people during a country music concert. Campos disappeared ahead of planned interviews with the media after the Las Vegas attack. He, however, reappeared for a meeting with celebrity TV host Ellen DeGeneres.

Caught up in the gunfire

According to The Independent and CBS News, the security guard appeared for the interview walking with the aid of a stick.

During the interview, the heroic man said that his superiors asked him to inspect a fire exit door on the hotel's 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, from which the Vegas shooter conducted his attack. After checking the door -which had been left ajar- he discovered that someone had fixed metal bars on it, and called an engineer to fix it. Campos added that as he was about to leave, he heard rapid gunshots as the attacker began firing his weapon through the door of his hotel room.

Campos stated that after he heard the gunshots, he took cover. He lifted his trousers and spied blood on his leg, and called on his radio to report that an attack was taking place. In order not to congest radio traffic and hamper a security response, the guard did not say that one of Paddock's bullets hit him.

Campos added that when an engineer appeared to fix the door, he shouted at him to take cover as Paddock began the second round of attacks. Speaking during the same interview, the engineer, Stephen Schuck, said that the guard's warning saved him from getting injured.

Ocampos saved the life of a female guest

The security guard has also been lauded for saving the life of a female guest at the hotel after he urged her to take refuge in her room as she wandered as the Vegas shooter carried out his murderous spree.

Ocampos praised all the people - The FBI, Metro police, and the local community - who came out to help in the search and rescue efforts. Ellen said that the interview was the only time that the guard would talk about the events of that fateful night in Las Vegas.

The Las Vegas shooting has been named the deadliest in US modern history.

The Vegas shooter killed 58 people and injured an estimated 500. A few days ago, a woman who sustained a head injury during the attack woke up from her comma. The woman, Tina Frost, took her few steps and breathed on her own on Friday. During the attack, a bullet entered her brain and bounced into her right eye.