As Las Vegas recovered from the horrific country music concert massacre that took place on Sunday, Sean Hannity expressed his rage at Democrats. He accused them of taking advantage of the tragedy to push their agenda for stricter rules on gun ownership. According to The Daily Mail, the show host gave an impassioned monologue on his Monday night show at Fox and lectured left-wing supporters who, hours after the shooting, called for the US to change the current laws that govern gun ownership.

Democrats responded despicably to the Las Vegas massacre

Since the Sunday incident, top Democrats, including former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have spoken against the NRA.

However, Mr. Hannity has described their actions as "despicable" and "sick". According to the Fox host, such calls are insensitive, because some victims are still in the hospital fighting for their lives, and the facts surrounding the Vegas massacre are yet to be determined. He added that liberals are oblivious to fact that the bodies of those who perished in the incident are not yet in the morgue, and that parents are anxiously watching their children in the hospitals.

Hannity accused Democrats of rushing to politicize the Vegas attack like they do other tragedies, in an effort to score cheap mileage and push their agenda to have more controls instituted on gun ownership. Hannity did not spare some media outlets; He replayed news footage from CNN, MSNBC, and GMA, where police officials and security experts tried to make sense of the horrific massacre in Las Vegas.

Hillary Clinton: We need to stop the NRA

The NRA has been lobbying for gun silencers to be made more readily available. On Monday, Hillary Clinton tweeted that the crowd was alerted by gunshot sounds, hinting that the death toll could have been higher if the shooter had used a silencer during his attack. Hannity aimed criticism at the former First Lady, saying that nine hours after the shooting, she "went deep into the gutters of politics." He wondered whether Mrs.

Clinton and her fellow liberals have any decency, or whether they really care for the affected families. He claimed that if President Donald Trump had brought up the second amendment immediately after the Vegas incident, national media would implode.

As per the Fox News Insider, Hannity went on to mention the mass shootings - including Sandy Hook and the Pulse nightclub massacre - that took place during the Democratic presidencies of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

He, however, omitted the fact that after the said tragedies, the same calls for stricter gun control were raised. Hannity stated that it is imperative for Americans to put politics aside, face up to the gun lobbies, and join forces to make sure that such incidents do not happen in the future.

Donald Trump promised to address the issue on Tuesday after his visit to Puerto Rico, which is still recovering from the havoc wrought by Hurricane Maria. The Republican took to Twitter to send his condolences to the victims and families of Sunday's massacre in Las Vegas.