A few hours after Fox News show host Sean Hannity ripped into Hillary Clinton for her reaction to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Piers Morgan was involved in an angry argument on Tuesday morning with a pro-gun campaigner. According to The Daily Mail, the Good Morning Britain lost his cool as he interviewed Dan Roberts, a pro-gun lobbyist.

Las Vegas attack infuriates Morgan

During the show, Morgan claimed that he could not engage in a civil debate with Mr. Roberts because the Las Vegas massacre left him angry. During the incident, a millionaire real estate speculator and gambler opened fire on a crowd, leading to the deaths of at least 59 people.

The shooter, Stephen Paddock, murdered the people as they enjoyed a country music show. During the morning TV show, Morgan and his co-host claimed that most people in his native United Kingdom would be shocked if the US did not change its gun ownership laws in the wake of the devastating attack. However, Roberts replied that figures lobbying for stricter gun control laws should stop lying to the public.

In response, Morgan produced two Kinder Surprise Eggs and stated that they are illegal in the USA due to fears that the toys inside them could be dangerous to children. Roberts, a member of the NRA, laughed at the host's antics; Piers snapped and asked him to stop laughing because 600 people were hurt during the Las Vegas incident.

According to The Independent, Piers then asked the pro-gun proponent to explain why after 59 people were killed by a gunman who apparently had no criminal record, stricter gun control laws should not be instituted and why gun lobbies would be opposed to such a move.

NRA has not changed its stance in the wake of the Vegas massacre

Roberts, who was speaking from North Carolina, responded that the issue of gun control is very complex and complicated. He stated that there would be no discussion of the issue until people in support of stricter gun controls stop twisting the facts. However, Piers accused him of deviating from the point, wondering what justification there is for people to be able to purchase 42 guns like the Vegas attacker was able to do.

When Roberts added that the weapons used by the Vegas shooter were not high-powered, Piers accused him of talking "complete and utter nonsense."

Writing in the Daily Mail, Morgan expounded on his sentiments, stating that he did not expect to witness a gun incident eclipsing the Sandy Hook incident. In the column, Morgan said that mass shootings in the United States have been on an upward curve in recent years. He accused US authorities of doing "absolutely nothing" to stop such incidents from happening.