Tension escalated between Iraqi and Kurdish troops trained and armed by the United States Military. And now, U.S. commanders are busy trying to prevent further clashes between them. Iraqi forces in Kirkuk city had seized oil fields and other relevant sites from Kurdish troops, who were in the region since 2014.

US coalition tries to diffuse tension between allies

The Iraqi government forces and the Kurdish soldiers were trained to fight the Islamic State militants (ISIS) that had launched deadly attacks against civilians.

Kurdish officials said the Kurd fighters were there to clear the path for advancing Iraqi forces.

But a controversial vote on September 25th had Iraqi commanders and Kurdish soldiers moving into northern Iraq at the same time. Thus, creating the tension between the United State's allies.

Meanwhile, international leaders had condemned the referendum spearheaded by Iraq’s Kurdish leader, Massoud Barzani. The unexpected tension had caused the initiative against ISIS rebels to stall indefinitely. According to sources, emissaries from Baghdad had tried to negotiate their withdrawal; however, they were unsuccessful.

ISIS watched as Iraqi and Kurds fight for Kirkuk City

The situation has left American officials dealing with a tense situation, but Col. Ryan Dillon said they are keenly monitoring the problem.

He also said measures are in place to ensure the safety of the United States servicemen in the region. According to Dillon, they urged Iraqi and Kurdish officials to call a cease-fire to avoid further confrontation between the troops.

The US Colonel also said the United States armed forces are worried that the destabilizing action could distract both troops tasked with fighting the Islamic State militants.

Meanwhile, Iraqi commanders said its contingent had taken control of the industrial district that housed a power plant, a refinery, and several oil fields. He also reported that they had secured the western military airport.

Also, Iraqi Troops now control K-1, the military base formerly used by the American forces and its coalition.

Previously, it was the home of the Iraqi military that fled an assault launched by the ISIS rebels. A Kurdish commander reported that they had set up a counter-attack point about 15 miles west of the city. The commander also said reinforcements are in place to support the Kurdish fighters.