One interesting aspect in prominent properties like Marvel Cinematic Universe is the timeline it presents. This caused lots of fans to obsess with the events of the franchise. However, the entrance of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” brought confusion to the Marvelites when it was released last summer.

According to Cinema Blend, the title card from the opening sequence of “Spider-Man: Homecoming” suggests that the events took place eight years after “The Avengers.” Unfortunately, this does not seem to line up with the perception that the Joss Whedon film was set in 2012.

The confusion has been of interest to the fans for several months and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige finally addressed the matter.

Marvel timeline

MSM reported that Kevin Feige said, “All of that debate has made us go, 'Okay, at some point, I am not sure exactly when we are going to publish a timeline and see what it all is.'” He shared how they did not intend to puzzle everyone. In the end, he believes that the entire timeline does connect to where it was placed.

After all, he pointed out that they never dated the film. This is regardless of the verbal reference to years, newspaper, or anything in particular. He added how the people probably have some presumptions. Feige further explained that for example, if the movie was released in November 2017, it does not mean that the timeline itself was set in November 2017.

Moreover, Feige assured that things may not make sense now but it does from a macro perspective. As Cinema Blend points out, there were instances where movies in Marvel Cinematic Universe established dates. “Guardians of the Galaxy,” for one, was directly set up in the year 2014 but this is not a canon. Feige emphasized in the interview that they will be publishing the MCU timeline soon.

Where does MCU timeline begin?

The Marvel President unveiled that the timeline starts from either before or after the Battle of Yavin. Their origin point will be Tony Stark, years before and after that, and into the Big Bang. Feige promised everything will all be clear once the timeline is published. While the report cannot confirm if “Homecoming” took place eight years after the Avengers, it is safe to say that this is not some kind of clerical error.

Furthermore, Marvel fans get to witness the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” Panel at the New York Comic-con. The cast was in full force to promote the upcoming Blu-Ray release on October 17, while the film is already available in digital formats.