When a distraught, disheveled Chris McNabb shouted several times at a Covington, Georgia convenience store, "I didn't do it, "I didn't do it," Sunday, the clerk called 911 and moments later McNabb, 24, was arrested on a felony probation violation warrant. At the time he was drawing attention to himself at the store, authorities were conducting a search for his two-week-old baby who disappeared Saturday from the trailer park where they lived. A report by WSBTV confirmed this information.

The baby's body was found the following day, wrapped in blue cloth and stuffed in a duffel bag under a log in the woods close to the trailer park.

Following a Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy, despite McNabb's protestations of innocence, Newton County investigators found enough evidence to charge McNabb with felony murder, malice murder, aggravated battery and concealing a death.

The autopsy showed that Caliyah McNabb, who had been born prematurely two weeks earlier, had died of blunt force trauma.

Child's death took place after father charged with numerous probation violations, allowed to remain free

At the time Newton County authorities say Christopher McNabb was killing his baby, he was on probation after pleading guilty to numerous felony charges in nearby Bartow County, Georgia in 2007. Four years later, he was charged with violating his probation, but remained free.

The latest probation violation accusation came earlier this year and was the one for which Newton County arrested him Sunday while he was considered a person of interest in his baby's death.

Newton County authorities released a copy of the 911 call Caliyah McNabb's mother, Cortney Bell, made Saturday morning. "She's not here," Bell told the 911 dispatcher.

"My two-year-old says she's gone." Bell and McNabb were awakened by the two-year-old, the mother said.

Authorities find baby's body under a log in woods outside of trailer park

The mother said she had searched everywhere in the trailer and could not find the baby. McNabb had left the trailer and was looking outside, she added.

Shortly afterward, authorities, search dogs, and volunteers began combing a two-mile radius. The search continued throughout the afternoon and evening with no success.

McNabb and Bell were interviewed by local television crews, with McNabb shouting at the cameras, "That's my Child. I want my kid, man." On Sunday, when investigators found Caliyah McNabb's body, they contacted McNabb and Bell, who were driving to a television station for an interview. McNabb jumped out of the car and began running. Police questioned Bell, but have indicated she is not a person of interest.