Veteran director J.J. Abrams of Bad Robot Productions and Paramount Pictures have won the rights to adapt the hit Japanese animated film “Your Name,” known in its original title as "Kimi no nawa." Both companies announced this news on October 27, Wednesday.

According to Variety, the companies will work with Japan-based production Toho Co., Ltd., the producers of the original animated film. The project is set to develop a live-action movie adaption of “Your Name.” Toho is also tasked to take charge of the film’s distribution in Japan. This highly anticipated movie is expected to showcase an excellent record just as the animated film did.

‘Your Name’ Live-action details

Variety's source revealed that J.J. Abrams will work with Lindsey Weber for Bad Robot Productions. Aside from them, Genki Kawamura will help in developing the film as well. He served as the original film’s producer and as for the screenplay, academy award nominee Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”) will take charge.

Kawamura expressed his gratitude for the upcoming project saying it was like a “dream.” He commended Abrams for remaking numerous prominent properties. Moreover, “Your Name” was created, penned, and directed by Makoto Shinkai. His talents have earned him praises to be the potential next Hayao Miyazaki.

The animated film tells the story of a female and male character, who discovered how to swap their bodies.

At first, they were not aware of each other's identity. Relating to their experiences in life, both characters eventually developed the desire to cross time and space, not only to meet but to prevent a disaster from happening.

What to expect from the live-action film

With J.J. Abrams in the project, fans cannot help but have high expectations for the film.

He has been credited to excellent movies such as “Cloverfield,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He recently replaced Colin Trevorrow as the director of “Star Wars: Episode IX” on September 12. However, fans will soon find out if he can handle the changes in a live-action film.

One cannot deny that limitations will be set on the table once an anime receives a movie adaptation.

Heisserer will serve as the film’s narrator. Kawamura explained that the meetings went well. Several ideas have emerged and are expected to come out as a beautiful film. Genki Kawamura is nothing but grateful to work with Abrams and his team in bringing “Your Name” to Hollywood. Executive producers of the original animated film were Noritaka Kawaguchi for CoMix Wave Films while Keiji Ota, Minami Ichikawa, and Yoshihiro Furusawa worked for Toho.