Suyapa Soler, the mother of a 16-year-old boy found dead in Long Island accused local gangs of killing her son. Soler moved to the United States 11 years ago to create a better life for her and her son Angel far away from the crime-ridden streets of her native Honduras. The young boy joined her about 4-years ago, however, before he could realize his dream, his life was cut short, reportedly by one of the most notorious gangs in America.

Angel Soler left home on July 21, 2017, and did not return home. He was reported missing by his mother, however, investigators were unable to locate him.

On Sunday, a body found in the woods near Roosevelt Baldwin park was identified as the teenager.

In an interview with Newsday investigators, the boy’s mother said the local gang executed her son and dumped his body in the woods.

He left the gang culture in Honduras

The bereaved mother said she did not expect this, as she brought her son to the US so he could escape the gangs in Honduras. Acting Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder revealed that the Department of Homeland Security contacted them last week about the Roosevelt crime.

Ryder said there is no evidence at the moment that links the teen's death to the infamous MS-13 gang. The notorious gangsters reportedly killed at least 22 people within a single year.

The acting police commissioner stated that detectives would conduct a thorough investigation to find the killers that murdered the teenager.

Citizens plead for help against MS-13 gangs

Soler was also friends with Josue David and Kerin Pineda, two Freeport high school students who went missing in May and September of last year.

The police did not confirm whether Pineda and David were gang members, but Claudio Erazo, Josue's sister, stated that the same gang killed the three teenagers.

Erazo reported that her brother had revealed to her that threats were made against his life. According to her, the gang members went to the school he attended and threatened him.

However, she said he did not say if it was the MS-13 gang, which operates in the area.

Anonymous sources also revealed that MS-13 gang members would have new recruits invite girls to secret locations, where they would hack them to death with machetes as an initiation into the gang. Citizens in Nassau County asked their police department to take quick action against the dangerous criminals that continue to wreak havoc in their communities.