Gun Control has been an ongoing issue in America, and while many people asked for severe laws to stem gun-related violence, others are on the fence when it comes to dealing with the issue. Recently, the hot topic drew a nationwide outcry after Stephen Paddock killed 58 people at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

11-year-old asked Senator about gun control

An eleven-year-old cub scout was kicked out of his den after asking a question about gun control in the U. S. The incident had since received widespread backlash from the public.

For the Trump administration, the issue of the boy who asked questions could be another misstep, one of many that had plagued his party.

Their record with boy scouts is not great as it is. Recently, at their July national jamboree, Trump launched a tirade against “fake news” and former President Barack Obama. He also used the occasion to boast about beating Hillary Clinton.

Ames Mayfield - was he disrespectful?

The Cub Scouts is an organization for children from the first to fifth grade. They are organized in “dens" that are a subset of the larger “packs.”

Ames Mayfield and his den were at an event hosted by Republican State Sen. Vicky Marble. The boys were told they should prepare questions about important issues soo, the young child took advantage of the opportunity held in Broomfield on October 9, 2017.

Ames' mother Lori Mayfield, said according to officials, the particular question asked by the boy was deemed disrespectful to the senator.

The Boy Scouts and its parent body of the Cub Scouts refused to comment about the incident. However, they said her son would continue to be a Boy Scout, but he would be in another group. According to the establishment, they are a non-political and non-partisan organization that does not subscribe to any particular ideology.

Silence on the expulsion.

The leader of the group who expelled the boy did not respond to text messages or phone calls from the Associated Press. Meanwhile, an online video recorded by Ames' mother showed the children asking questions like why Barack Obama received votes on account of being a black man. There were also questions about Trump’s plans to build a wall along the Mexican border.

The video also shows the child reading from a sheet expressing his views on affordable healthcare, which he said was more important than owning guns. The video also showed him being rudely interrupted by an adult. The Republican senator had earlier gained notoriety for her views about African-Americans eating habits, which she linked to health problems.

Later, Marble released a statement saying she did not blame the child for the questions he asked, however, she said his mother had manipulated him.