Former NFL star running back O.J. Simpson was released from the Lovelock Correctional Facility in Nevada at 12:08 AM this morning, according to the Department of Corrections (DOC). Simpson is free on parole after serving a nine-year prison sentenced for a botched armed robbery and kidnapping in Las Vegas in 2007.

A spokeswoman for the state’s DOC stated, “He’s out” and she doesn’t know where he’s going. Brooke Keast also said she “didn’t want to know, to be honest,” according to the Washington Post. Simpson, a Hall of Fame football player, walked out of prison without any fanfare.

He left the DOC facility with an unidentified driver. Simpson was wearing white sneakers and denim.

Simpson’s prison release ‘under the radar’

Keast said the release of Simpson, now 70, was a public safety concern. His release turned out as state officials were hoping. It was “under the radar” and “incident free,” the Post noted. His location and his future are both mysteries at this time.

There is speculation, however, that he might return to California or Florida, where he lived prior to his 2007 arrest. Following foreclosure in 2012, Simpson lost his home, which was near Miami. His adult children, Sydney and Justin, live in the state.

Simpson reportedly wanting to return to Florida, state has no transfer request

Simpson reportedly told the Nevada parole board that he wants to live in Florida, according to WFLA. Officials with Florida’s DOC, however, stated that officials have not received the required documents or a transfer request.

Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi stated on Friday, “The specter” of Simpson living in “the comfort in Florida” shouldn’t be an option” NBC reported.

She also remarked that Florida shouldn’t become a country club for Simpson, a convicted criminal.

After Simpson, who was accompanied by five more men, broke into a Las Vegas hotel room when they took a collection of items that Simpson believed belonged to him. The cache included photos of his children and game balls, according to NBC.

Four of the men who assisted Simpson provided testimony against him. He was convicted and received a maximum sentence of 33 years with the potential for parole after serving nine years.

Parole carries conditions for Simpson for next five years

Simpson’s parole has conditions attached by the state of Nevada. Generally, NBC noted, parolees from the state’s penal system have to report to a parole officer upon release and submit a written report every month. Simpson, as with all paroles in Nevada, cannot associate with ex-felons and must acquiesce to vehicle or resident searches.

For the remainder of his parole, Simpson cannot have any type of weapon and must limit any alcohol intake. A Breathalyzer registering over .10 is deemed a violation of parole.

For Simpson, his conditional release will persist until his parole runs its course in five years.

Long-time friend says Simpson can live with him in Florida

Simpson’s long-time friend, Tom Sotto, offered to have the former NFL player live with him – in East Naples, FL. Sotto stated that the duo will “do the same things we did before,” NBC reported. Sotta anticipates, “He’s gonna live his life.” Sotto said that Simpson hasn’t any plans to work. His monthly NFL pension is $25,000.

Though he has not worked with Simpson, prison coach John Fuller has counseled different felons who are considered celebrities. He stated that the newly-paroled Simpson will face some challenges on “an emotional level,” NBC relayed. Simpson will be mistaken, according to Fuller, if he thinks that people will wave and smile wherever he goes. Fuller advises that Simpson prepared himself for “some blowback.”