Hurricane Harvey became a Category 4 tropical storm on Friday afternoon, the New York Times reported. It caused heavy rain in the southern part of Texas, and now a heavy flooding in expected in the whole state in five or six days, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The consequences of the disaster

The disaster news was declared to 50 counties. Harvey's winds reached up to 130 m.p.h. It has been the strongest storm in the past 10 years in Texas, as Fox News reported.

The Corpus Christi area had up to 20 inches of rain, so 13,000 army members deployed for the rescue mission.

Forecasters from the National Hurricane Center suggested that some places even far inland would have as much as 40 inches of rain by Wednesday. The disaster knocked down trees, damaged buildings, broke electricity cables and mobile phone services, according to The Telegraph.

The Lone Star State suffered from strong winds and flooding. 338,000 citizens were left without electricity in Texas, as well as 21,000 citizens in Houston, according to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.

Those citizens who decide to leave their houses are worried about their left property, working places and people left there. Although Harvey slowed down to a Category 1, catastrophic flooding can still occur, according to experts.

Texas officials ordered to evacuate prisoners from state prisons in Brazoria County, as the level in Brazos River is rising because of the heavy rain. The prisoners will be sent to eastern Texas to spend rest imprisonment there.

Victims of Harvey

One woman died in flooding in Houston.

In Rockport, one more person died in a house fire in the storm, as Aransas County Judge Burt Mills stated, adding that a dozen of citizens got injuries. 10 people suffered when the roof of a nursing home caved in, they got the necessary treatment.

Ten babies in critical condition in Corpus Christi were easily taken to hospitals of North Texas, where their treatment will be continued, as the Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth stated, CNN reported.

In Texas, officials from the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office warned about the possible displacing of alligators because of the disaster. Six million people were in the deadly danger because of Harvey, but tens of thousands left the territory beforehand.

President Donald Trump praised the people working for the emergency, saying that they have been doing a great job, in a series of tweets at the weekend.