It was recently reported that 30-year-old Erin Lee Macke had been taken into custody Thursday on child endangerment charges after traveling to Germany on an 11-day vacation, leaving her four children alone, with a gun in the house.

The 12-year-old twins had been put in charge of their six- and seven-year-old siblings, as their mother jetted off for a visit with her brother and niece in Germany.

Iowa woman’s ex-husband is angry but not surprised

Matthew Macke, the mother’s former husband, told Inside Edition that he was “really angry,” but added that he was not surprised.

Father to the two younger siblings, Macke said to him it was clearly a deliberate and intentional act on the part of his former wife.

Johnston Police received a tip and visited Macke’s home on September 21 to discover the 12-year-old twins, alone with their younger siblings. Macke had flown to Germany the day before, intending to take an 11-day vacation and wasn’t due to return until October 1. People quotes Johnston Police Lt. Lynn Aswegan as saying Macke was visiting her brother and niece and that by all indications the trip was a "social venture."

Police immediately contacted Macke in Germany, telling her to return home. She reportedly told police at the time that she didn't think it was a problem that the children were alone.

While she was away, it was also noted a gun had been left unsecured in the home.

The four children were taken by welfare officials and placed with family members until their mother’s return.

However, it was another seven days before Macke flew back to the U.S., landing on Thursday. On landing back home, Macke was arrested and charged with four counts of child endangerment. She was also charged for making a firearm available to persons under the age of 21. Macke has also been ordered by the court to have no contact with her four children.

Macke posted photos on social media while cops awaited her return

In the meantime, Macke had posted images showing her enjoying herself in Germany, despite the fact that police had ordered her to return, including photos of the Danube River and other locations, as pictured at the top of this article.

Her former husband went on to tell Inside Edition that if his ex wants to take a vacation, that’s all well and good, but added that she has a responsibility as a parent to the four children. When asked, Macke told Inside Edition that the children are “doing well.”

That report said Erin Macke was in court on Friday and that she had insisted the children weren’t alone, stating they were with an aunt and uncle from September 20. Macke was later released on bail with her next court appearance scheduled for October 17.