On Saturday, a double-deck Airbus A380 aircraft had to land in Canada after one of its engines stopped working, CNN reported. The Air France flight 66 from Paris to Los Angeles landed at Goose Bay Airport, avoiding a serious incident.

Passengers told about their emergency landing

The passengers noted that they felt that something went wrong, although they stayed calm. They even joked to one another, thinking that the plane had struck a bird, but then they heard a loud noise and the jet began vibrating. In 20 minutes, the captain claimed that one of the engines had exploded, the New York Times reported.

Nathan Goldberg, one of the passengers, Goldberg, gave an interview to CNN. He said that the passengers were disappointed as they could not contact the airline and get any information. The passengers remained onboard, waiting for some hours but eventually, the passengers were taken off the plane, He commented that it was rather cold there.

Nevertheless, Goldberg noted that the crew was very helpful and the jet's air conditioning worked. The passengers had food and water, as the crew provided them meals. Air France scheduled the two flights to ferry the passengers on Sunday morning.

The passengers posted photos and videos on social media, showing the jet's condition. The outer shell of the failed engine was damaged, and its white covering was destroyed.

How did it happen?

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger jet, there were 497 passengers and 24 crew on its board. Engine Alliance, the engine manufacturer for the A380, wrote on its official Twitter page that the company was investigating the reports. An engine failure is a very rare case, especially for a long-distance flight.

Air France noted the work of the crew: “The regularly trained pilots and cabin crew handled this serious incident perfectly.” Goose Bay is an outpost which has only three air carriers, two shops, and three car rental agencies, and cannot immediately handle a large aircraft on the ground. It was not prepared to accommodate so many passengers in its territory.

It was noted that the world’s biggest airport, situated in Atlanta, also has certain difficulties in accommodating enormous planes.

Air France added that the passengers would be rerouted through its connecting sites in North America. There is no information about the possible cause for the damaged engine, as no fire was seen in the engine of the plane.