Donald Trump made his way to Puerto Rico on Tuesday to asses the damage done by Hurricane Maria. After making controversial and insulting comments about the island upon his arrival, a new video was released that resulted in further backlash.

Trump on Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was crushed by Hurricane Maria just two weeks ago, leaving the island devastated in the process. Experts have spoken out and predict that the damage caused would take decades for the island to bounce back from. As of press time, 16 people have been reported dead, while thousands have been forced to evacuated and head for saver grounds.

Food and water have also become scarce, with CNN reporting that some have been reduced to eating dog food for their nutrition. Donald Trump's slow response has caused a negative reaction from many, though the president and his administration have been defensive in their actions on the island. Trump's first tweet on the matter including a jab at the island for having a "massive debt" with the United States, while the commander in chief took time to criticize the mayor of San Juan and question her "leadership." On Tuesday morning, Trump once again came under fire for downplaying the death toll after the storm, before once again complaining about the debt. As reported by Mediaite on October 3, a new video shows Trump having a little too much fun.

After meeting with reporters on Tuesday at in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump made his way to one of the island's hurricane relief centers. In a video that quickly went viral on social media, the president can be seen tossing Paper Towels into the crowd like a basketball.

As thousands struggle to keep their head above water and food in their stomach, the president was selecting winners in the crowd as to who was able to get simple goods like paper towels.

Donald Trump's paper towel basketball moves at the hurricane relief center might make for a fun visual, but his words prior to arriving have come under fire.

While addressing reporters, Trump compared Hurricane Maria to Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans back in 2005, and told those on the island that their storm wasn't nearly as catastrophic.

Moving forward

While Donald Trump continues to create controversy with his questionable rhetoric, his approval rating is still well below where he would want it to be. In the most recent round of polling, the president has just a 35 percent favorability rating, which doesn't look to be improving anytime soon.