Donald Trump finally arrived in Puerto Rico nearly two weeks after the island was hit by Hurricane Maria. As he has in recent days, the president made even more controversial remarks about the storm in question.

Trump on Puerto Rico

It was just two weeks ago when Hurricane Maria touched down in Puerto Rico and caused massive destruction to the island. Following Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and Hurricane Irma in Cuba and Florida, Puerto Rico suffered the most damage of them all. With the entire island without power, and food and water becoming scarce, thousands were forced to flee their homes in an attempt to save their lives.

Back in the United States, President Donald Trump faced harsh criticism due to his slow response to the storm, with many hitting back at the president for spending more time engaging in a feud with the National Football League (NFL) over national anthem protests, as opposed to helping with the recovery. When Trump did offer his thoughts, he sent out a series of controversial tweets where he made sure to bring up the "massive debt" owed by Puerto Rico to the United States and Wall Street. In the days that followed, the billionaire real estate mogul targeted the Mayor of San Juan due to her critical remarks, while bashing and questioning her leadership skills. As reported by NBC News on October 3, Trump arrived on the island but continued with his controversy.

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump addressed reporters at the Luis Muniz Air National Base. While speaking to the press, the president diminished the impact of Hurricane Maria by comparing the Body Count to what took place during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans back in 2005.

"Sixteen people certified. Sixteen people versus in the thousands,” Trump went on to say. "Everyone watching can be very proud of what’s taking place in Puerto Rico," he added. Trump then went on to say that "every death is a horror," before saying that it wasn't as bad as a "real catastrophe like Katrina."

Trump on budget issues

Not stopping there, Donald Trump then brought up the cost of the cleanup on the island due to the storm, while complaining that the budget for the United States was taking a serious hit.

"I hate to tell you, Puerto Rico, but you’re throwing our budget a little out of whack," Trump said.

Moving forward

As Donald Trump continues to cause issues on the world stage, only time will tell if he will be able to re-brand himself and his image. According to the most recent round of polling, the president only has a 35 percent approval rating with the American people.