Condemned inmate Torrey Twane McNabb displayed defiance until the moments he lost consciousness during his execution Thursday evening in Alabama at Central Holman Correctional Facility. McNabb, 40, was pronounced dead by authorities at 9:38 PM, according to the Washington Post.

At 8:56 PM, the state’s Department of Corrections (DOC) started administering the execution protocol, WSFA reported. After making fists with his hands, he extended each of his middle fingers, flipping “the bird” to the state of Alabama, which he also cursed before the execution started.

Condemned inmate convicted for killing Alabama police officer

McNabb was put to death for fatally shooting a 30-year-old Montgomery, AL, police officer, Corporal Anderson Gordon, III, on September 2, 1997. McNabb was fleeing from a bail bondsman when he caused a crash.

Corporal Gordon arrived at the scene, according to prosecutors and WSFA. Gordon was in his patrol car when McNabb fatally shot him five times.

United States Supreme Court granted temporary stay minutes before scheduled execution

Only minutes before the state originally prepared to start the lethal injection protocol at 6 PM, the United States Supreme Court granted McNabb a temporary stay of execution, reported. Associate Justice Clarence Thomas issued the reprieve, which gave the state DOC until midnight on Thursday to carry out his capital punishment.

McNabb was a party to a legal challenge before the nation’s highest court centering on the state’s injection protocol, which includes the sedative Midazolam.

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas lifted stay of execution

It was not long very long after the temporary stay was granted that it was also lifted. Justice Thomas’ order was then vacated.

Gordon’s relatives witnessed McNabb’s execution. The slain officer’s widow and three of his siblings and two of their children were present at the state carried out capital punishment against the convicted cop killer, noted.

Additional execution witnesses included McNabb’s - two of his lawyers and two of his sisters.

According to WSFA, the condemned inmate told his sisters and mother to look at his eyes. He stated, “I’ve got no tears in my eyes.” He also said, “I’m unafraid.” Then, he unleashed profanities directed at the state of Alabama.

Convicted killer pronounced dead at 9:38 PM

At 9:31 PM, WSFA reported, the curtain to the execution chamber was drawn closed. The cop killer was declared dead at 9:38 PM. DOC officials checked for consciousness in McNabb twice during the execution procedure.

After McNabb was pronounced dead, Alabama Governor issued a statement. According to WSFA, McNabb did not seek clemency from the state’s governor. However, she still weighed the option and considered his case, along with his sentence.

She stated that a jury condemned him to die, “the legal system worked as designed,” and “McNabb’s sentence was carried out.”

Slain officer’s family ‘can finally seek peace’

Steve Marshall, Attorney General in Alabama, also issued a statement. Marshall relayed, “The 20-year wait for justice is finally over” for Gordon’s family, WSFA reported. “Tonight, the family of Officer Gordon can finally seek peace.”

McNabb did not make a final meal request. He actually did not eat on Thursday,” reported. Additionally, McNabb “requested” no chaplain at his execution, Bob Horton, the DOC spokesman said on Thursday afternoon. McNabb requested that “nothing be present of a religious nature.” Horton further stated that along with McNabb’s request, he didn’t want a prayer to be performed “before or during his execution.”