Reports from NBC News indicate that Texas Tech University campus officer Floyd East Jr. was shot dead by a student named Hollis Daniels on the campus. The officer was processing the student for drug possession when the incident happened. Campus Police Chief Kyle Bonath said that his department had received reports about a student who possessed a gun. Officer Floyd East went to Hollis’ rooms for a routine welfare check. Once there, he discovered drugs and proceeded to take Hollis to the campus police station for further questioning.

How did the shooting take place?

Hollis wasn’t handcuffed when East proceeded to accompany him to the station. It is also unclear from the press conference led by Chief Kyle whether Hollis Daniels shot East with his own gun or took East’s. In custody, Hollis Daniels sat accompanied by Floyd East while completing the paperwork required for processing him on drug charges. There was also another officer present in the room. As soon as the other officer left the room, gun-fire was heard. Hearing that, the officer rushed to the room and found officer East lying on the ground. Hollis Daniels had left the room.

University was locked down for one hour

Following the incident, students numbering up to 36,000 were asked to move in to the nearby shelter.

Daniels was captured at the end of a foot chase. On capture, Daniels immediately confessed that "he was the one that shot their friend," saying that he "f---ed up" did "something illogical." The university was locked down for one hour. Chicago Tribune reports that, during the lock-down, parents of the arrested student called in to say that Daniels could be suicidal.

Daniels has been charged with the murder of a Peace Officer and is currently held at Lubbock County Jail. Daniels isn’t a first time offender. In September of last year, he was arrested on charges of Marijuana possession.

Texas gun laws

The gun violence comes in the wake of a law that the State of Texas passed last year. Under the law, students above the age of 21 were allowed to carry concealed weapons in university buildings.

Daniels wasn’t 21, so he didn’t qualify. As such, he’s guilty of breaking that law too. The position at Texas University as a peace officer was Floyd East’s first job as an officer of the law. Officer East is survived by a wife and two daughters. State Attorney General, Ken Paxton visited the university on Tuesday to convey condolences and show support.