Within two weeks of when it was revealed that GOP Governor Susana Martinez, (NM), stole a hamburger from a burger joint in Sante Fe, New Mexico, GOP Pennsylvania Congressman Tim Murphy also has become mired in a political scandal. Murphy, 65, who is in his eighth term in Congress, has resigned from Congress effective October 21, 2017, because of revelations that he is a hypocrite.

Throughout his 14-year career in Congress, the leading Republican House member has been a staunch anti-abortion advocate. Despite this, it was revealed this week to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Murphy's mistress, Shannon Edwards, that Murphy had requested that she undergo an elective abortion to terminate her pregnancy.

Murphy's anti-abortion bills and votes

On January 24, 2017, the day before he and Edwards became entangled in text messages over Murphy's abortion request, Murphy co-sponsored a bill that decries that life begins at conception. The bill, called the Life at Conception Act, essentially would make abortion illegal in the United States again, except in cases involving rape, incest or the life of the mother. Although the act would not overturn the controversial Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision (1973) that legalized abortion in the United States, it would seriously limit the legality of abortion.

In addition to co-sponsoring the Life at Conception Act, Murphy has supported legislation aimed at cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

And throughout his seven terms as a House member, Murphy has made his anti-abortion stance his showcase political cause.

In consideration of the fact that the decision to have or not to have an abortion is very personal and difficult, Murphy essentially has centered his political career around the pain and difficulties of others.

It is no wonder that Murphy's constituents and colleagues consider him a hypocrite for asking Edwards to have an abortion.

Twitter rants

The dispute over Murphy's request that Edwards undergo an abortion spilled over onto Twitter this week. Tweeter Timothy Noan, upset over Murphy's hypocrisy, tweeted Edwards' January text message to Murphy pointing out that he had requested that she end her pregnancy.

A public-spirited citizen then posted his opinion that the reason that Murphy is "trending" on Facebook is that he is a "Facebook hypocrite."

Still another disgruntled citizen pointed out that Murphy the "anti-abortionist," had begged his girlfriend to have an abortion.

More GOP trouble

The GOP troubles do not end with Murphy and Martinez.

Within the last 11 days, entertainer Jimmy Kimmel personally offered a lie detector test to Senator Bill Cassidy, (R-La,), because Cassidy allegedly lied on Kimmel's program, "Jimmy Kimmel Live", regarding his position on health care.

Kimmel stated that on a previous program, that Cassidy had promised not to support any health care plans that would penalize people for pre-existing illnesses. Then Cassidy voted for legislation that did just that and co-sponsored the Graham-Cassidy Bill that ultimately failed. The Graham-Cassidy Bill would have put serious restrictions on access to healthcare for millions of Americans.

The Congressman's pension

As a member of Congress, Murphy's base salary is $154,267.

Under the FERS Plan for Members of Congress elected after 1984, Murphy's pension will be around $52,451. As a Member of Congress who is over 62 with at least five years in office, Murphy is eligible for a full Congressional pension. Had Murphy been under 62 when retiring from Congress, he would have been required to have 20 years of service or more to receive the same pension.