It is “Made in America” week, but the initiative by President Donald Trump – part of his “Make America Great” pitch during the campaign – is faltering. The initiative was unable to take off because of his daughter Ivanka, whose manufacturing business ventures produces products made in countries where labor is cheap.

The plan by the president to host a product showcase of products made in the U.S.

and deliver a speech to entice companies to produce more of their goods in America will likely remain unheeded. Many Twitter members did not hold back their comments seen below on the perceived hypocrisy of the “Made in America” initiative.

Metal from China

Trump too, as a real estate developer, purchased metal from china, Mashable reported. The gift shop at his hotel in DC also sells apparel made in China, Vietnam, Peru, Bangladesh, and Pakistan, Bradd Jaffy tweeted.

It is not just Ivanka who is apparently guilty of producing shoes and other goods in China.

BC sarcastically tweeted, “Will they also hold a not made in America week to showcase all of the Trump family products?”

Products that carry the Ivanka Trump brand are made in Bangladesh, Indonesia, and China that are noted not only for its cheap labor but also a blatant violation of human rights of factory workers.

At the launch of the “Made in America” week, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about Ivanka's use of cheap Asian labor to make her shoes.

Spicer, however, even defended the first daughter by blaming supply chains in the U.S. “There are certain supply chains or scalability that are not available in this country,” he explained, The New York Daily News reported.

He was asked if Trump and Ivanka would join the festivities by making a commitment to shift their production to the U.S., but Spicer said he could not comment on the choices of his bosses.

List of Trump products not made in America

The Guardian provided a list of Trump products that are made overseas. The list includes alcohol, clothing, education, homeware, and board games, on top of Ivanka’s clothing line.

In 2006, Trump launched Trump Vodka in the U.S. It was made in The Netherlands, but the drink failed because of bad reviews about it, such as the vodka having no discernable flavor and the drink smelled of paint. The company abandoned the trademark in 2008, Rolling Stone reported, while the vodka was no longer in circulation by 2011.

Although a lot of the menswear offered by the Donald J. Trump Signature Collection were manufactured in China, he said to Fox News in 2010 that goods made in China fall apart after a year and a half. Ironically, the unofficial Make America Great red cap he gave away during his sparsely attended inaugural was made in China.

At Trump University, which New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman described as “a fraud from beginning to end,” the students are encouraged to outsource jobs overseas. Trump posted on the university’s blog in 2005 that outsourcing jobs “is not always a terrible thing,” although he admitted such as stand is not popular.