Carolina Potter, the wife of Randy Potter, 53, who went missing eight months ago, is questioning why it took so long for police to find his Body. His decomposing remains were discovered in his work truck, parked at the Kansas City International Airport, where it had likely been the whole time.

Potter went missing in mid-January but was only found last week when police were called out about a foul smell coming from a truck in the airport parking lot. it turned out to be Potter's decomposing remains.

KCTV 5 News quotes Carolina Potter as saying during a news conference that when they told her they had found her husband, her heart broke, thinking about him.

She said he could have been found at least in the first week of the search.

Truck found in Economy Lot B at Kansas airport

The Kansas City Star quoted a Kansas City Aviation Department spokesman as telling them the truck had been found a short shuttle ride from the airport’s terminals. Reportedly Potter’s body was so badly decomposed investigators initially could not identify either the gender or race of the deceased. However, authorities later confirmed that it was Potter. They also said suicide was the cause of his death.

Why did it take so long to find the vehicle?

Potter worked as a manager for T-Mobile and was reported missing to the Lenexa Police Department on January 17.

Carolina Potter had also, reportedly, called the airport’s police department, who told her if her husband’s truck was anywhere in the airport’s parking lot, they would find it. His employer had reported the vehicle stolen. She also hired a private detective to look for him. However, despite the fact that two police departments were involved in the search, it still took eight months to find his remains.

The couple’s two children are mourning the loss of their father, unable to understand the delay, with daughter Nichole Potter saying it was disgusting, knowing what had happened to her father and how long his body had sat at the airport. Melissa Alderman, Potter’s niece, told the Kansas City Star that knowing the remains of her uncle and the vehicle stood there for eight months makes her unable to breathe.

She asked how many thousands of people had driven past the vehicle and how many people had walked by without noticing him. She said it was “infuriating” and “disgusting” and that it was a “total disregard for human life.”

Potter’s family have now hired an attorney in an attempt to find out where things went so wrong and why it took police eight months to find him. No mention was made as to why Potter’s employers had not reacted to the company’s missing vehicle in all that time.