Wichita, Kansas police are investigating the discovery of the Body of a three-year-old child found encased in Concrete in a rental home on Saturday night. The two residents of the home had recently been arrested in relation to a Child Custody Case where a child had gone missing from the home. The owner was cleaning up the house when he made the discovery.

When officers from the Wichita Police Department arrived on the scene, they investigated the concrete structure which had been found in the home, and which had an odor emanating from it. They discovered the body of a small child of around three years of age inside the concrete.

Officer Charley Davidson of the Wichita Police said officials are now investigating the identity of the child.

Previous tenants of the home are in custody

Miranda Miller, 35, and Stephen Bodine, 40, were previous residents of the home but were arrested some time ago. Miller was detained relating to a child custody case, while Bodine was arrested on aggravated assault charges. They are both currently being held at Sedgwick County Jail.

According to an attorney acting for Carlo Brewer, his and Miller’s son, Evan Brewer, had gone missing while living with her and Bodine, her boyfriend. According to a report by Crime Online, Miller did not have custody of the boy and his father had been urgently searching for him.

When the father tracked Miller down to the Wichita home, Bodine said he was holding the boy hostage in the basement of the home and threatened to attack Brewer. The couple was then taken into custody and the boy was still missing.

DNA swabs made to identify the child

As reported by the Sacramento Bee, police have tentatively identified the child found in the home but are still working with the Sedgewick County Medical Examiner to confirm that identity.

Carlo Brewer’s attorney said he had been asked over the weekend to give a DNA swab to be compared with the deceased child’s dental records. The attorney said Evan had been missing for several months from the home and was the same age as the dead child. According to court documents, Carlo Brewer had previously attempted to get a court order in July to protect his son from Bodine.

Neighbors shocked by the discovery

KWCH 12 quotes a neighbor as saying they were all shocked after the body of the child was found. He said he hated to say it, but the concrete structure looked like a small coffin, adding and that officials had to use a forklift to take it from the home. The neighbor went on to say that he didn’t know the couple living in the home well and other neighbors said they kept to themselves.

Now Carlo Brewer and his family are waiting for news, while police continue their investigation into the child’s identity. Davidson said the police department’s thoughts and prayers are with the child’s family and others impacted by the case.