Many people complain about dog owners who let their mutts do their business on their front lawn without picking it up. This family in Colorado Springs has a larger problem on their hands. A woman jogger in the area has made it a regular habit to poop on their lawn, despite the fact there are public bathrooms in the neighborhood. The jogger also leaves behind the paper towels she has used to wipe herself with.

Colorado Springs police are now actively looking for the mysterious jogger, who has been nicknamed “The Mad Pooper,” after she has defecated on Cathy Budde’s lawn on at least seven occasions in recent weeks.

Budde’s children have even spotted the jogger in the act of squatting outside their Colorado Springs home – in broad daylight, with her pants draped around her ankles.

‘Bizarre’ behavior by ‘The Mad Pooper’

According to Lt. Howard Black of the Colorado Springs Police, the woman’s actions are “bizarre,” saying if identified, the jogger could face charges relating to the city ordinance which bans public urination and defecation. The BBC quotes Black as saying it is not clear if there are mental health issues involved in the jogger’s habit. Black added he hasn’t come across anything quite "The Mad Pooper" in the 35 years he has worked with the police department.

Sgt. Johathan Sharketti told KKTV he is also baffled, saying this is “abnormal” and that he has also never seen anything like this in his time with the police department.

Sharketti added that for someone to do this repeatedly is “uncharted territory” to him. Police have now asked Budde to take photos of “The Mad Pooper” in the hope of identifying the woman.

Confrontations and signs don't stop the woman jogger

KKTV quotes Budde as telling them she has personally confronted “The Mad Pooper.” She said she went outside and asked the woman if she was serious and was she really “taking a poop” right there in front of her children?

The jogger replied, saying yes and that she was “sorry.”

After that incident, Budde was sure the woman would be mortified by her actions, believing it had been an accident. She thought the woman jogger might get a dog bag from supplies close by and clean it up and then avoid running in her area again.

She was wrong. Budde said there is a public bathroom right across her street and the public park also has porta potties, but this doesn’t deter the woman from squatting and pooping right there.

Sign on the wall doesn’t deter ‘The Mad Pooper’

Since the day Budde confronted the woman she says the family has caught her in the act twice, although she did say the female jogger had changed her running time as she knew the family would be watching. Budde ended up putting a sign on her wall, basically shaming and begging the woman to stop, but so far this hasn’t deterred the woman from relieving herself outside their home. She said the woman ran by the sign around 15 times and still stopped and pooped.

She said since putting up the sign, other neighbors have reported seeing the woman stopping and pooping outside Walgreens and in people's back yards.