On Tuesday, Secretary-general of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres in his first General Assembly Gathering asserted that North Korea’s nuclear adventurism had become the world’s challenging problem.

Guterres also commended the U.N. Security Council in its quest for imposing sanctions on North Korea, saying such action has sent “a clear message,” following tensions arising from the country’s nuclear hegemony.

U.S will retaliate

A few minutes later, President Donald Trump, while delivering his first U.N. speech warned that, if the U S. and its allies are threatened, the coalition would completely wipe out North Korea.

Still, in the gathering the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari added that the United Security Council should send an envoy to the belligerent Puoyang if a treaty can be met.

The U.N. Chief Guterres highlighted different other threats and problems encountered in the world and advised collaboration in every area. He said there is no moral justification for terrorism and engaging in the subtle offensive act in dealings, can be counterproductive.

Myanmar: Ethnic cleansing

Guterres, whose sworn goal is to avoid conflicts in Nations relive growing humanitarian chaos in Myanmar which displaced thousands of Rohingya Muslims causing inrush to neighboring countries and further added that the country’s military goal is purely ethnic cleansing rather than peace.

Another pressing issue discussed was the future of the Iran nuclear deal. During his speech, President Donald Trump revealed possible withdrawal from the deal which he called an “embarrassment.”

The Trump administration has never supported the deal but has quietly abided by it. However, last Thursday, the administration threatened that if Iran did not follow the requirements of the deal, more sanctions will follow but afterward, concluded that Iran has acquiesced to the terms.

Withdrawal of Trump administration from the deal could nullify it; meanwhile, other parties have shown no sign of renegotiation.

The U.N. Nuclear Agency confirmed that Iran has complied with restriction leveled on its nuclear bid, but U.S. officials said that the consistent missile tests had breached the “spirit” of the deal.

Other world leaders were present during this general Assembly included British Prime Minister Theresa May, Italian President Paolo Gentiloni, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Ukraine President Petro Poro Poroshenko, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The gathering is to ensure non-proliferation and to resolve life-threatening issues.