The former President Obama health care bill has caused an imbalance between the Republicans and the Democrats. However, some of the key Republican senators have opposed the health care policies revamp.

On Sunday, a prominent Republican senator frowned upon the latest plan to repeal the national health care policies. She said it’s “very difficult” to stand with the party’s effort of repealing the bill. She further expressed skepticism in voting for the bill.

The senator of Main, Susan Collins told CNN she was not sure of voting against the overhaul of the Obama care and wanted to wait for reports of the Republican proposal which the Independent Congressional Budget Office will release on Monday.

John McCain: I cant vote for the bill

A “no” vote from Collins or Alaska Senator, Lisa Murkowski who also opposed the repeal effort would ultimately undermine the affordable act repeal effort.Other Republican senators, John McCain of Arizona said to be battling currently with cancer, and Rand Paul of Kentucky have also disapproved of the repeal process.

The Republicans have dozens of times attempted invalidating the 2010 law partly because it’s an unsolicited intrusion into the affairs of businesses and individuals. All 48 Democrats are against the repeal process as have the majority of the 52 Republicans are in support of the revamp. However, Mike Paul, the Vice president is poised to vote for the repeal in the event of a 50-50 stalemate caused by defections from any two Republicans.

South Carolina senator, Lindsay Graham and Louisiana Senator, Bill Cassidy started up the latest overhaul process which is said to allocate block grants of federal money to all parts of the country and allow them to modify health care plans for the country’s poorest people instead of sending money to Washington officials.

Lindsay Graham told ABC news that he is still optimist of winning the repeal vote and is “moving forward” with efforts to convince every Republican senator against the repeal process.Mitch McConnell, the Republican Senate president, said that the repeal process would be concluded this week as directed by the Senate legislative rules.

Democrats, unhappy with the recent turn of event

Many Democrats have caviled at the proposal including health care groups about the negative impact it will cause to millions. The Obama care has served as a safe haven in securing insurance to help pay health care bills for those without coverage especially.