Citizenry from eight countries will be facing more restrictions from the newly revised travel ban imposed by U.S. President, Donald Trump on Sunday.The new ban rules, which will be effective on Oct. 18, included citizens of Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Yemen, Chad, Somalia, and Yemen

U.S. officials claimed that these listed countries had withheld sensitive information on issues with terrorism and United States.

President trump's controversial ban

The ban was announced on Sunday following Trump’s previous ban on citizenry from six Islamic major countries, which was said to be expiring 90 days after it was implemented.

The earlier order had deprived citizens of Iran, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and Sudan from visiting the U.S. unless they have a “substantive claim of a genuine relationship with any person or entity in the united states”.

Human-right organizations and other groups had balked at the new restrictions leveled on these countries citing possible hate-based messages; disrupting of lives and ripping families apart.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the major and largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy council stated that the new Muslim ban was part of the administration agenda of “white supremacist” to suppress the Muslims.

The latest ban excludes Sudan from the list and included Venezuela, North Korea, and Venezuela to the original six Muslim countries.

U.S officials revealed that Venezuela government had ignored facts verifying whether its citizens pose national and security threats. The officials added that deported Venezuelan citizens from U.S. are a major aversion to the government.

Chad, a major counter-terrorism partner to the U.S. also concealed relevant and important intelligence related to public safety and terrorism, the proclamation said.

Human-rights group decry discrimination

Since the implementation of the ban 10 months ago, lives had been shattered and nations of people had been branded terrorist for crimes orchestrated by few, the human-rights group said on Sunday. Amnesty International also condemned the new ban.

President Trumpimplemented a “tougher” travel ban due to a partial bomb explosion that went off on a London subway.

The ban is said to have disrupted even those seeking safety, education, employment and vacation to the U.S.

Dubai international airport expressed mixed concerns

At the moment we have not received any written instructions from the U.S concerning dual nationality. Passengers with such passport are giving benefit of doubt pending when a written ban is mentioned