Academy award-winner Leonardo DiCaprio has recently announced that he and his foundation will be contributing a sum of $20 million towards more than 100 organizations in the US and those based internationally that battle climate change and aid the environment.

He claimed that he and his foundation were proud to back up the efforts of environmental organizations all over the world, also referencing President Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris accord earlier this year.

Leonardo DiCaprio announced the incredibly generous donation yesterday evening at Yale University after a two-day long conference on climate change, which was moderated by John Kerry, a former U.S.

Secretary of State.

The $20 million grant will cover six areas, namely: climate change, wildlife and landscape conservation, marine life and ocean conservation, innovative solutions, indigenous rights, and the California program.

DiCaprio more passionate than ever:

The Revenant star referred to his President, saying, “I still believe that the United States has the potential to lead the world on this issue.” He continues, “We can only hope that the President begins to see it too before it is too late.”

Since 2008, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his foundation concerning battling climate change has put towards a total of $80 million in donations towards environmental organizations worldwide.

The movie star then went on to remind those listening that the world does have the capability and resources to change the course of the worsening climate change, referring to renewable energy, clean transport, and sustainable agriculture.

During his speech, he told the audience of his conversation with Donald Trump before he entered his presidency and offering plans to tackle climate change, who has since backed out of the Paris accord agreement.

Trump’s decision on Paris accord

At a United Nations meeting this past Monday, President Trump’s adviser, Gary Cohn, confirmed that the United States would still leave the Paris accord unless changes are made to benefit Washington.

In June, President Trump accused the Paris accord of harming American soil by affecting its industries, costing their jobs, and putting the United States at a disadvantage to the other nations involved in the agreement.

President Trump had even discussed renegotiating the multi-national agreement with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. This decision further weakened the United States stance on fighting climate change.