The New York Times reported on Wednesday that in recent weeks, special prosecutor Robert Mueller had sent the White House a document that reportedly referred to 13 different areas of inquiry they want to get more information on.

Mueller interested in reasons Flynn's removal

The article titled: "Mueller Seeks White House Documents Related to Trump’s Actions as President" pointed to Mueller being interested in some of the President's "most scrutinized actions" since taking office. Of these actions was the "firing" of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former FBI director James Comey.

Flynn was forced to resign on February 13, only being an adviser for 22 days. The reasons for resigning had already been made by the acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates on January 26 and 27, when she told White House counsel Donald McGahn that Flynn was compromised and therefore, could be blackmailed by the Russians. This determination had been made when Flynn had been interviewed by the FBI on January 24.

It has not gone unnoticed that the Trump administration waited for weeks before they acted. When asked about the reasons why, they claimed that they thought Yates was joking. Since then, more information was revealed about Flynn's other work which caused The Pentagon to start conducting an investigation of their own on the former General.

Probing administration's reasons for firing Comey

As for Comey, President Trump's reasons for firing seem to be clear as his bureau was conducting an investigation on Flynn, which President Trump had asked him to "let go". It was recently learned that the President had drafted an original reason for why he wanted to fire the FBI director, which had never been revealed before.

Mueller has taken a significant interest in the case as well, especially since the President and members of his staff have given conflicting reasons for the firing. The New York Times also referred to the President's meeting with Russian officials in the Oval Office where it was leaked that he told those officials about the firing.

He told them in fact that dismissing the FBI director had relieved him of "great pressure".

White House cooperating

The latest news confirms once again that, despite Trump's lawyer Jay Sekulow saying that the President was not under investigation, that he in fact is. It also coincides with another report from the same newspaper from Sunday titled: "Trump Lawyers Clash Over How Much to Cooperate With Russia Inquiry" where it said that Ty Cobb who is heading Trump's personal team of lawyers, was overheard talking about Donald McGahn saying that he wanted to comply with as many of Mueller's document requests as possible, but that McGahn did not.

In the same spirit of cooperation, Cobb has said that they would turn those documents over this week. The attorney has also said that he is trying to avoid having to be subpoenaed by the special counsel.