A private Email account linked to Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump's son-in-law and one of his senior advisors, has been discovered. For months, Trump and other political members criticized former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for using one.

According to Politico, the emails discuss political events and media coverage. They were sent to fellow White House administration and outside advisors through this account.

Among those recipients include former senior advisor, Steve Bannon, and former chief of staff, Reince Priebus. Politico also reported Bannon and Priebus used private email accounts to correspond with Kushner.

As of now, it has been disclosed no confidential or sensitive information has been shared through this email. Additionally, it does not seem Kushner frequents this private account more than his White House account.

The account's creation

The email account was allegedly created during Trump's transitional phase this past January. While Kushner had yet to be named an advisor to Trump, it was expected he would be after serving as Trump's senior campaign advisor.

Abbe Lowell, one of Kushner's lawyers, said in a statement that less than 100 emails have been sent to White House officials via this account since its creation in January. Most of the emails concerned political commentary or news articles.

Politico also reported these accounts could break the Presidential Records Act, which requires all documents--including emails--discussing the president's personal and political activities to be archived.

Emails sent to a private account may prevent this from happening. Historians require these documents to be archived so the acts of a presidential administration can be studied.

Hillary Clinton's Private Server

Trump and his supporters have used the chant "lock her up!" at several of his rallies to ridicule Hillary Clinton's decision to use a private email account and discuss government information through it.

Trump promised to jail Clinton for this decision if he were elected. As of now, Trump has yet to act upon this sentiment.

During the campaign, Clinton publicly discussed this matter several times. In her new book, Clinton states the FBI's investigation into these emails is one of the reasons why she lost the 2016 election. She has since apologized for using the server and regrets her decision to do so.