It looked like Melania Trump was surprised when President Donald Trump threw the microphone her way by asking her to say a few words during Friday afternoon's live meeting from the oval office. Donald Trump confirmed that he did in fact surprise Melania by asking her to say a few words at this afternoon's press conference. The President then praised his wife for doing a terrific job with her talking points at just a moment's notice.

Trump also looked up and spoke to someone behind the camera, confirming that no one expected Melania to say a few words.

With that said, he did offer up just how involved Melania has been in the relief effort for Texas flood victims.

Melania a trooper

The president also said that Melania has been very concerned about the people in the flooded area of the state who need help. The president, the first lady, and Vice President Mike Pence were in the Oval Office with some of the people heading the relief effort in Texas, such as the Salvation Army, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

When Melania did talk on camera, in which she had little choice, she told the people in Texas to stay strong and that things will work out. Melania didn't hesitate, stutter, or look at all put off by unexpectedly being called on to say a few words.

She also thanked the volunteers for all their help. She was very gracious and sincere with her words.

Big thank you all around

When Trump was done, he once again turned to Melania to say "Good job. Good job." The people were gathered with Trump as he signed a declaration for a National Day of Prayer for Sunday, according to Fox News live today.

This meeting was aired just as another mandatory evacuation was called for in yet another area of Texas. These evacuations are still going on even though it has been one week since Hurricane Harvey made landfall in the state. According to The, "An immediate mandatory evacuation has been issued by the city of Lake Jackson for all residents in the Jackson Oaks and Harvard Oaks subdivisions in northwest Lake Jackson."

Another visit, new goal

Both the president and the first lady will head back down to Texas on Saturday with the goal of meeting with the Texas flood victims, those who have been displaced out of their homes. During his first visit, Trump didn't go into the shelters to speak with folks as he didn't want to add more chaos to the already chaotic event of trying to get people to safety.