On Saturday, President Donald Trump tweeted that North Korea’s leader and its foreign minister "won't be around much longer" if Ri Yong Ho spoke on behalf of the "Little Rocket Man," which was an obvious reference to Kim Jong-un.

On the other hand, the North’s foreign minister told UNGA that it became inevitable to target the US mainland with its missiles after "Mr. Evil President" Trump described the North's leader as "rocket man," CNN reported.

The post of President Donald Trump on Twitter may engender unprecedented armed conflict on a global scale.

The post reads:

North Korea’s foreign minister hits back at Trump

According to Ri Yong Ho, President Trump’s tweet appeared to be a blatant declaration of war against Kim's regime, CNN reported. Speaking outside a hotel in New York, the foreign minister also threatened to shoot down American Fighter Planes in international airspace, as well as target US bombers.

In addition, he told reporters that it was evidently the US government, which first declared war against the communist regime. This followed the insinuation of the US president’s post on Twitter that Kim Jong-un and Ri Yong Ho, North Korea’s foreign minister, “"won't be around much longer," Reuters reported.

Sarah Sanders, the White House spokesperson, refuted Ri Yong Ho’s accusation that the United States government declared war against North Korea. Sanders’ called Ri’s statement “absurd.”

North Korea bolstered its military defense

After US fighter jets flew near North Korea and close to the shores of China, Kim Jong-un began fortifying the North’s east coast defenses and moving its airplanes, according to Yonhap News Agency of South Korea.

It seemed that the United States wanted North Korea to know the US bombers’ flight route since Kim Jong-un’s regime appeared to be unaware of it, Reuters reported.

On the other hand, China has grown frustrated over the escalating crisis on the Korean peninsula. Liu Jieyi, China’s ambassador to the United Nations, expressed his apprehension about the unrelenting military rhetoric between Kim and Trump, which may have entered a dangerous spiral, Reuters reported.

Jieyi called on the two leaders to calm down as the situation is becoming extremely dangerous. Also, he expressed his hopes that the two countries will see that mediated negotiation is the only means to address the crisis.

Furthermore, according to defense experts, Kim Jong-un’s regime would find it very difficult to shoot down the US fighter jets and US bombers, considering the North’s limited military capabilities. After all, if North Korea try it and then fail, Kim’s regime would definitely appear weak.

Bruce Bennett of the Rand Corp believed that it was less likely for North Korea to take such a big risk. Bennett further explained that this was another attempt by North Korea to deter U.S. military action.

The international community called on the two countries to solve things through diplomatic solutions.