Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov compared the fiery exchange of insults between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to a kindergarten quarrel, the BBC reported. The world stage witnessed how the two heads of the opposing countries threw adverse remarks at each other instead of finding a common ground to diplomatically resolve their conflict.

Tiff might result in a World War

Kim Jong-un riposted to the US president by calling him a "frightened dog" and a "dotard.” This followed President Donald Trump’s insolent speech at the UNGA in which he threatened North Korea of total destruction if it continues its nuclear weapons program and missile tests.

On the following day, President Trump did not allow Kim’s insults to slip by. The US president replied by calling the communist leader a "madman" and threatening to test him "like never before," the BBC reported.

Moreover, some members of the United Nations criticized the two leaders for their childish conflict. Trump and Kim were described by Moscow’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov as “hotheads” who needed to "calm down."

In addition, Lavrov believed that the world should not remain silent while Kim’s regime continues with its reckless nuclear activities. He added that unleashing war on the Korean peninsula is unacceptable, IB Times reported.

Need for a diplomatic solution

Lavrov said a political solution is the best reasonable approach to settle the North Korean crisis, and “not an emotional” one like what President Trump and Kim have been doing.

A discussion between the US and North Korea could be made possible with the mediation of a neutral European country, Lavrov added.

Meanwhile, the tensions between the United States and Kim Jong-un’s regime continued to escalate. This followed the North’s unrelenting ballistic missile tests that flew across Japanese territory.

At the UNGA, President Trump slammed North Korea’s reckless nuclear tests and vowed to totally destroy the communist country in the event that it attacks the United States or any of its allies.

In return, the North’s leader replied that the US president would "pay dearly” for his insolent speech. Experts believed that the recent speech of Kim Jong-un had added weight because it was actually unusual for the communist leader to address an international audience. Kim Jong-un said the US president irreparably insulted his regime, and threatened to extremely discipline “the mentally deranged US dotard with fire."