During the recent hurricane in Houston, Hurricane Harvey, many heroes were born as the people of Houston pulled together after the storm was over. A Houston couple who was preparing to get married decided to cancel their wedding for now and donate the food to help hundreds of people in the area who had been displaced by the storm. Their sacrifice was just one of the many miracles that took place while citizens of the city helped with rescues.

A wedding postponed

People reported that couple Dayna Skolkin and Josh Tillis postponed their wedding because of Hurricane Harvey.

After the hurricane was over the couple teamed up with a local charity to help feed those affected by the storm. The couple had initially planned to get married on September 3. They planned a dinner for family and friends two days before the event to be served at the Aishel House, an organization that Skolkin's mother helped start. (Aishel House is a local organization that provides food and shelter to local hospital patients.) After hundreds of Texas and Louisiana residents were displaced because of the floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey, the couple decided to cancel their events. The problem was that the food for the event had arrived a week before, and so the couple decided to volunteer to help those who had been displaced by the storm by distributing the food to those in need.

The Daily Meal reported that the couple decided that rather than focus on the unfortunate circumstances that they would prepare the food for hundreds of Hurrican Harvey victims. Aishel House is part of the Houston Medical Center, and when the couple found out that Aishel House would be using the food to feed those displaced, they got involved and decided to volunteer.

Once the couple was able to reach Aishel House, they helped prepare the meals to be distributed to hotels, the George R. Brown Convention Center, and other locations throughout the city.

Three-course meal for those displaced

Inside Edition reported that Aishel House is close to Skolkin's heart because the charity was started by her mother, who died from breast cancer five years ago.

Aishel House provides housing and treatment for those getting care at the Texas Medical Center. After the couple found out that the food would be served to help patients, they quickly volunteered and stepped up to serve a three-course meal that included breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh rolls, and fresh vegetables. Skolkin said that she and her fiancee were lucky not to be affected by the storm and that she was glad they were able to use the food to help feed those who were. For those who want to help Hurricane Harvey victims, there is one thing that people don't have that would be greatly appreciated.