Electronic vehicle maker Tesla revealed its plans to release an electric semi-truck, although Elon Musk’s company won’t be releasing the actual units any time soon. Reports say, however, that the company will reveal the design within the month. The truck will pave the way for Tesla’s entry into the freight industry.

Class 8 truck

Expert and analyst Ravi Shanker from Morgan Stanley said that it could possibly be a Class 8 Truck. This type of truck is designed to carry loads of weight. However, there’s always a limitation with EVs. Initial reports say that Tesla aims to release an electric-truck that can run for 600 miles on a single charge.

But Shanker believes that a 300-miles capacity is a realistic range for a battery-powered vehicle. Tesla should deal with the extension of battery life in order to produce a top-notch semi-truck.

According to Shanker, Tesla could start selling the semi truck in 2020. But just like Tesla Model 3, they might accept early reservations for the model. Of course, there would be a reservation fee if consumers want to line up for the truck.

If the company won’t be releasing the is particularly the case soon, what’s the point of unveiling the design? Well, industry experts say it will pave the way for intelligent truck competition and prompt other makers to jump on the bandwagon. Trucking business faces a potentially prolific future.

Model 3

Currently, the company is still struggling to deliver all Model 3 orders that reached about 500,000. Tesla Model 3 is the $35,000 electric vehicle designed for the masses. As of today, there were only more or less 100 units delivered. When the company started receiving orders, they only required $1,000 deposit. For the semi-truck, experts say that Musk’s company could ask for about $5,000 reservation fee, but it most likely will be refundable.

This is especially true today, now that everyone knows how the trend will go. Those who placed an order for Model 3 have been waiting for quite some time now.

The unveiling of the semi-truck will challenge the industry’s pricing trend. By accepting orders, Tesla will have access to funding. But consumers cannot get too excited.

For one, clients should remember that the company’s top priority for today is to deliver all Model 3 pre orders and it could take some time to fulfill that. At the same time, Tesla is working on its solar-roof project released earlier this year. If they wanted to deliver all pre orders of their latest sedan, they should ensure the productivity of their lithium-ion battery cells Gigafactory in Nevada.