Billionaire and Boring Company founder Elon Musk recently posted a photo of a TESLA Model S inside the company’s LA test tunnel chamber. This was posted a few days after Hawthorne City Council approved his two-mile test tunnel extension underneath the SpaceX compound.

As if boasting of his recent accomplishments, the businessman also posted the hyperloop competition winner's test footage. Both projects are geared towards turning Musk’s dream of high-speed transportation into reality. Both the Hyperloop system and Boring Companys underground tunnel passed the design stage and are now being tested.

Boring Company

He already announced that he could no longer work on Hyperloop since he needed to focus on SpaceX and Tesla. But he started a competition to award funding to a company who can develop a working Hyperloop prototype. Despite his overwhelming schedule, he still found the time to open the Boring Company. And surprisingly, his high-speed transportation system seems to be on track.

In his recent post, Musk revealed that his prototype is big enough to fit an actual car. In the post, it showed a Tesla Model S inside a chamber. This is the first time a normal-sized car was placed inside Musk’s tunnel. After his extension was approved, it is expected to run outside the businessman’s property at 44 feet under public roads.

The SpaceX CEO also promised a running pusher sled test footage this week, to see if it can accommodate the size of a Tesla car. With the use of the extended tunnel, the company will be able to assess if the system would work full scale.

Hyperloop competition

The competition took place last weekend where participants showcased their prototypes of Musk’s brainchild.

The winning company called WARR successfully presented its Hyperloop version that was able to run for 324 kilometers per hour or at 201 miles-per-hour in their .8 mile-long test tubes.

In the footage posted by Musk, viewers can see the exhilarating speed of the prototype. Musk said that the system could eventually “go supersonic” and will run smoother, so there’s no need to worry about spilling drinks.

The billionaire continued to explain that the strobe lights in the video were used for testing purposes and won’t be present in the real working system. Also, he assured the public that there would be a more “comfortable” level of acceleration after the actual track is built.

Despite losing to WARR from Tech University in Munich, the other participants were praised by Musk due to their talent.