14-year old Tyler Frank used her quick thinking to save herself and her family from the rising flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. Frank and her family were stranded outside with the flood waters taking worse shape. Earlier the teenager had tried everything, from calling 911 to asking help on social media through Instagram and Facebook. But nothing helped. In a desperate attempt, Frank decided to ask for aid using Siri, Apple’s AI assistant. With the help of the virtual assistant, Frank was ultimately able to take her family to safety.

Teenager takes Siri’s help to escape Hurricane Harvey floodwaters

TYler called Siri to summon the Coast Guard to take her family away from the rising flood waters. With one simple voice command "Siri, call the Coast Guard,” the AI was able to put the teenager through to the service who came to pick up the family, who were stranded in the storm for two days. The rescue happened at the exact time to provide medical attention to the teen who suffers from Sickle Cell Anemia. For the unfamiliar, sickle cell anemia leads to deformed red blood cells which eventually clogs up the blood vessels and restricts the flow of oxygen to other parts of the body. According to the National Institutes of Health, the pain from this sickness can be worse than childbirth itself.

Physicians state that exposure to cold as well as trauma can act as triggers to this disease. According to the teen’s hematologist, she suffered from both when Harvey hit, which led to her condition worsening. On August 27, Tyler, her mother, and three brothers awoke in their home surrounded by water that had reached the girl’s chest.

Soon enough, the water level reached above her head, which leads to the teen’s eldest brother Joseph carrying his sister to the roof of their home on his back. Tyler had only a towel to protect her from the cold, which soon got wet. Doctors are assuming that this trauma and cold must have triggered her condition to worsen.

Siri connects to the Coast Guard

Stranded for two days on the roof and in pain, Tyler finally had the wits to use Siri to ask the voice assistant to connect to the Coast Guard. After giving the personnel her location, she said she was sick and scared for her life. The rescue helicopter flew in the following afternoon to save the family, an event which Tyler’s mother Tameko recorded on Facebook live. However, by the time, the rescue party swooped in the teenager was already burning up with a 103-degree fever, but the family was not rescued as the helicopter was only taking in old people. With the promise of coming back, the helicopter flew away leaving the family behind. However, undaunted Tyler again called the Coast Guard for help and the next morning, the family was finally taken to safety.