During the UN-sponsored Conference in Geneva, North Korean ambassador Han Tae Song warned his UN counterparts that more nuclear tests and missile launches would be conducted by the North if provoked recklessly by the United States. The North Korean diplomat said that the latest H-bomb test was Kim Jong-un’s “gift package” to the United States, Fox News reported.

The North’s deadly ‘gift package’

Those who were present at the conference seriously took the warnings of Ambassador Han Tae Song. If the US continues to pressure the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), the latter will respond by giving more “gift packages.”

The communist regime just recently detonated its sixth largest nuclear bomb test.

The nuke created a man-made earthquake with a 6.3 magnitude. Pyongyang called it the perfect detonation of an H-bomb. North Korea considered the successful H-bomb test as a “heavy punishment” and a “sledgehammer blow” to the US president.

President Donald Trump’s démarche

On his tweet, President Donald Trump said that he was able to sell a substantial amount of advanced military weapons and equipment to Japan and South Korea in the wake of the threats of the communist regime. On top of that, the US president would also resort to his military rhetoric in opposing the North’s nuclear tests.

According to Han Tae Song, the United States government must acknowledge the military might of North Korea.

He said that the Paektusan revolutionary army has the ability to annihilate the US mainland and its territories, including the operational area in the Pacific. The United States and South Korea should put an end to the tremendously dangerous war drills on the Korean peninsula or else provoke a nuclear warfare in the region, Song added.

On the other hand, a prominent Chinese scientist gave warnings to the North regarding the continued conduct of H-bomb tests. Repetitive explosions will result in the collapse of North Korea’s mountainous nuclear testing site.

The U.N. has looked into a myriad of options in addressing the nuclear crisis. However, it is yet to approve a solution.

Moreover, China and Russia have both agreed to resort to diplomatic solutions over harsh sanctions and massive military response. But South Korea, Japan, and the United States seem to move away from diplomatic solutions. The allies are now heading toward a powerful military response. Soon, the allies will also send North Korea their gift packages.