Yesterday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed to NBC News that long-time aide to President Donald Trump, Hope Hicks, has been hired as the permanent White House Communications Director. Hicks, of course, is only the latest person to fill the role in Trump's young presidency.

Trump's long yet short history of communications directors

For the first 45 days of Trump's administration Press Secretary Sean Spicer served as the acting communications director until Mike Dubke was officially sworn in. Dubke filled the role for 88 days until he resigned from the job citing personal reasons.

Spicer once again served as the acting director for 49 days until Anthony Scaramucci was hired.

Scaramucci's infamous tenure only lasted ten days, the shortest term duration ever for the position, before he was ousted from the job. In fact, he was there for such a short amount of time that he never officially got sworn in. For the next 15 days, there was no director at all, until Hope Hicks was selected to serve in the interim role, which she held for 28 days.

While only eight months into the Trump presidency, Hicks is now officially the fourth different person to serve as director of communications. For comparison, Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama had nine different communications directors in the 16 years combined years they were president.

At only 28-years-old, Hicks is now the youngest person to ever assume the role.

Who is Hope Hicks?

Hope Hicks will now be responsible for managing all day-to-day White House messaging and will work closely with the Press Secretary. Early in life, she was a teen Ford model. Hicks also appeared on the covers of several books, like the “Gossip Girl” spinoff, “The It Girl.”

In 2012, Hicks started working for Hiltzik Strategies where she helped their client Ivanka Trump on her fashion label and other ventures.

In late 2014, she joined the Trump Organization, working with Ivanka on growing her fashion label and modeling for her online store.

She has been with President Donald Trump since he launched his presidential campaign back in June 2015. She served as press secretary during the campaign, despite having no prior political experience of any kind, serving as a gatekeeper to press members who wanted to speak with Trump.

Prior to her role as the interim communications director, she served in the White House as Trump's Director of Strategic Communications from the inauguration until yesterday when she assumed her new role.